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Old 09 October 2002, 07:49   #81
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RIB International

Dear Julian

Thank you for your comments too.

Kind regards

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Old 09 October 2002, 10:21   #82
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If 70% of your readers drive 4x4's, why do writeups on them? It's an article that 70% don't need because they have a 4x4, and the other 30% don't want because they'd rather read about RIBs.

I disagree with the idea that we're having a go at you behind your back. It's just a discussion between like minded people, wondering if other's believe the same. Ok, so this isn't an RI forum, but it's not a profit making site. This forum isn't a commercial magazine, it's the online equivalent of us sitting in the pub having a chat, discussing the things which we have an interest in.

Now I haven't even read a single issue of RI, for a number of reasons. Firstly I don't have my own RIB, I'm 17 and can't afford one. The only time I go out in a RIB is when I go diving with the dive club. And it also seems the only way I can get it is to buy a subscription online, and once I've paid for the year, I'm stuck with a year's worth of whatever you choose to publish, which a lot of people seem to see as adverts. I can see the latest 4x4 by turning on the TV, or going to one of the many sites that has a vast number of popup ads, and it doesn't cost me a penny. Currently covers everything I'm after. I can see what people think of boats, equipment, places. I can ask them their opinion on different matters. And it doesn't cost me a penny.

However, if RI was to make a few changes based on the suggestions that people have put forward in this thread and others, then yeah, I'd see it as worth the money. No doubt the article that Keith is working on will be very interesting, one man and his little boat braving the cold waters off Scotland. If I had my own boat and more experience, I'd write stuff myself, but currently I have nothing of value that I could write for your magazine.

Just keep reading this thread and look out for others, don't say we should call you or write to you, instead consider reading this forum to be "market research". It's hardly going to kill you to spend a few minutes each day having a quick read is it?


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Old 09 October 2002, 12:21   #83
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RIB International


You only need to speak with Alan's PR lady, Nadia, to know that we have been supportive to Alan's Round the World adventure. Alan's friends and family were welcomed to RIBEX to raise funds over the weekend at a time when the project was in desperate need of finances, and we prompted visitors to our website on our front page to go to the Spirit website (providing a link) to make donations to help support the attempt.

Sadly and strangely, we have never been supplied editorial and photography to publish.

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Old 09 October 2002, 12:53   #84
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Hugo , I used the link on you site to donate funds twice to the sprit project and buy the book (very good read) I wouldnt have done if the link wasnt there.

BUT to say no editoral or pictures were supplied is a bit of a laugh, the biggest and most ambitious project done in a rib so far in the world and you dont go after it!!! , that is a bit of a lame one.

By the way I think RI is a good mag and I will continue to subscride for the for seeable future. Every thing needs improving and it will over the next year or so, I am sure.
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Old 09 October 2002, 13:02   #85
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for a mag that people find little to read in this thread has developed a lot of interest. The MD of one firm said to me that they did not have complaints-they were opportunities to interact with their customers. So we had a lot of interaction which will undoubtedly result in a (or an even) better magazine with renewed editorial awareness of the things people want and dont want to see and an awareness that we can all submit pieces which will be seriously considered for publication. Is it finished now?
Dave M
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Old 09 October 2002, 13:19   #86
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Re: RIB International

Originally posted by Kempy
If you want to talk to someone about your criticsms about RIB International you should be talking direct to the person(s) involved rather than talking behind their backs.
If people want to put their ideas forward about the magazine you won't get anything done by just "moaning" and "Whinging" about us on here.
There's no need to be rude or dismissive about your customers and potential customers. Nothing is being done behind anyone's back -- this is an open, public forum.

Matt's analogy is a good one. Imagine we're a group of ribsters having a chat and the topic of RIB International comes up. You're the other side of the pub, so we invite you to join in the conversation . . .

Re-read your response here. Do you think you have furthered RIB International's cause?

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Old 09 October 2002, 15:08   #87
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What I think people have voiced on this thread is a concern over the paucity of content within RI itself that relates to the mere everyday Ribster. There’s usually some exotic feature and Hugo swanning off to road test a RIB that is completely unrealistic for the average weekend/family Ribster. I have subscribed for 3 years and the overwhelming impression that comes across to me is that RI serves as a vehicle for HMS to indulge his self-interest whilst making a decent shilling for himself. Well, fair play to him. We’d all like to do that, but the activity on this thread indicates a desire for change.

Where’s the nuts and bolts of the industry, where’s the professional journalism? I’d like to see a single item researched thoroughly and presented each month. e.g. engine manufacturers at say 100 h.p. using a 1-5 star grading system covering aspects such as cost, styling, reliability, fuel consumption, power output, all up weight, servicing, warranty, resale values, common faults etc etc, and an in depth analysis, as you find readily available within the motor industry itself.

The same could be done for hulls, consols, trailers, gps, radios, A-frames, EPIRBs drysuits, flarepacks etc etc etc and of particular importance to me right now as I’m commissioning a new boat this winter, is jockey seat manufacturers.

I think that if RI did that properly, people would keep the publication and refer back to it (that’s what advertisers want isn’t it)

When RI arrives, I eagerly tear open the plastic and turn straight to the boats for sale section where I spend 5-10 minutes studying them. That done, RI goes into the khazi where it provides light relief during evacuations.
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Old 09 October 2002, 16:35   #88
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RIB International

Quote originally by John Kennett :-

"There's no need to be rude or dismissive about your customer's or potential customers. Nothing is being done behind anyone's back. This is an open public forum"

Dear John

If I appeared rude and dismissive then I apologise. All I mean't to say was that it would be nice if you let us at RIB International know about any critiscms directly. I may get slightly upset when facts are, I feel, reported on here unfairly and therefore put my response over harshly, however I am loyal to RIB International and do very much believe in the magazine itself. If I have come across "rude" then this was definitely not intended. I am sure we all get "wired up" about some things people say.

At the end of the day, if you invited me into a conversation at a pub I would probably (a) say the same sort of thing, if we don't know your thoughts we can't do much. ...(sorry but that's just my opinion, good or bad) then (b) Then I would probably change the subject to how good or bad the beer was. Then (c) duck as the beer would probably get thrown over me!


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Old 09 October 2002, 16:43   #89
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Hugo and Jo,

I'm very pleased that you've contributed to this thread. Along with the original thread titled "magazines" it's been running since 12th September (nearly four weeks), so you're input is well overdue. IMHO this is a publication of at least equal merit and stature to RIB International, although in an electronic rather than printed format, and being biased towards reader (or member) contribution rather than editorial. That's why I'm surprised that you're not keeping a closer eye on it - let's face it, if it were a printed magazine about RIBs, you'd be looking at exactly what was being written and who's advertising!

Now I must point out that there's a word which has cropped up several times over a few postings here - "Editorial". Mike Garside, Dave Mallett, Brian, Mark Wildey and I have used the word as noun and adjective correctly, whereas Hugo, you've made a bit of a blunder by incorrectly using the noun:
"We welcome editorial from anyone who feels they can contribute..."
I think you mean "copy"? Otherwise you're welcoming "articles that give the opinions of the publishers/editors" (Penguin English Dictionary) - now despite all the accusations on these pages, you wouldn't only publish articles that reflect your views, would you?

I do agree fully with Matt and John about the up-front presentation of views. There's nothing that can be called back-stabbing about posting an article with your name next to it. And yes, the RIB community is a close-knit, but close enough (I believe) to allow differences of opinion. It would be a strange world if we all agreed all the time. I'll be happy to telephone the R.I. office with opinions on specific issues and possible contributions, but during the day I have responsibilities to my client and tight deadlines to meet, so that will only happen if and when I get quiet time. But do you really want to get that close to those members of your readership who don't agree with your views? I mean, look what happened to Salman Rushdie! (joke, btw, just in case of misunderstanding!)

To finish on a lighter note, a major corporate client of mine issued a statement to its staff after making a large number of them redundant, but not meeting the target number of redundancies. They stated that "to achieve the target staff reduction required, the reduction in numbers would be reached by a process of attrition". Now go and look that one up in the dictionary - they surely didn't mean that, did they?

Hugo and team, may you flourish and prosper.

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Old 09 October 2002, 16:44   #90
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That done, RI goes into the khazi where it provides light relief during evacuations.
Well, if my article is a load of c**p it will be in good company

Anyway, I'm going to have a go. I've puy MY head on the block. Anyone else willing to have a try?

I'd write stuff myself, but currently I have nothing of value that I could write for your magazine
Narked, don't do yourself down just because you are 17 and don't have a rib. Do some research. You are a diver, you go out in a rib. You could write an article about diving and RIBs. I'm sure that there are plenty of divers with opinions about RIBs you could speak to. Also a set of good pictures would help sell an article to a glossy magazine.

Hugo has said on this forum that he would welcome contributions. Try him out.

Keith (yes I do like the occasional fry up) Hart

Small boat - BIG truck
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