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Originally Posted by longjohn View Post
Ironically many planning craft create less wash at speed on the plane, than they do off the plain (say at the harbour speed limit) pushing a wall of water in front of them!
Mine makes a hell of a wash at low speed I always get told off when we go on Thames by the scullers

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Agree mine also makes a hell of a lot more wash / motion at 9/10 knots than on the plane at ~16 knots. But they need to set a defined rule which they have, otherwise it is a free for all.

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Here in the US, speed restricted areas are generally 3 or 5 mph. The general catch-all is that a boater is responsible for any and all wake damage (assuming they can be caught.)

The 10 knot limit mentioned is a max limit; if your boat throws a wake at 10, you should be slowing down more (I'm sure this is going to generate a reaction...)

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As regulars, we tend to pootle on tickover, as at 10mph our makes a mountain of water to climb up & I reckon uses 3x times as much fuel at 10mph than 18mph its happy lowest planing speed.

Though from October-April there is no limit in the main channel is that still correct?

As for the fines, thats typical, low life scum drug dealers get £40 fines for dealing crack for their 10th offence. One speeding ticket gets you a £400 fine in Dorset anyway.
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I was a witness to one of these incidents and I would not worry about the fines.
In this particular case, it was a large Sunseeker, travelling at about 14-16kts and creating wash bigger than the overfalls at Pevrill Ledge on the same day.
To my knowledge this threw several people on a commercial fishing vessel to be thrown on to the deck.
The helm and passengers on the Sunseeker were just waving and having a "party". I would have added a zero to his fine!!
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Surely the fastest any craft should be travelling is the lower of either the speed limit or the speed at which its wash may be a problem to other users?
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I think the "No wake" sign (and limit based on this) would be a better angle to approach from?
There's weather out there - must be time to RIB!

(Or dive, or ref rugby, or.......)
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Originally Posted by Ovey View Post
I think the "No wake" sign (and limit based on this) would be a better angle to approach from?
I agree, I don't know how some paddleboarders manage to stay on sometimes
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No wake really hard to prosecute. What is excessive wake? Even a canoe will leave a little wake in calm water but not one which is excessive.

The fines themselves are not excessive £200-£250. If you get caught speeding in a car, have a job so can reasonably afford to pay, and end up in court, and plead not-guilty you should expect to pay at least that much if found guilty. At least 1 case didn't bother to turn up to court. Bear in mind that they can't give you points and tot you in a boat so the discouragement may need to be higher?

The sting in the tail is the costs part. I assume they are high because the enforcer (Harbour Authority) is allowed to recover some of their costs of policing the speed limit. I think those costs are different from it the CPS brought the case. I dont know if there is an option for a straight fine like in your car before going to court. If so that would be a fixed fee and no costs...

Fines are based on ability to pay.

If you took the story based on whats in the paper these guys were caught speeding like you or I might get caught by a speed camera. We know thats not how it works in harbours. You get caught, bollocked, a record kept, caught again the same day or give them lip then you get fined. Maybe even multiple bollockings first unless you are driving like a tw@t.

Look at the other cases - a guy sent a text to a girl, went to her house, phoned her up and hung around outside and at one point followed her in (bet you could say you thought you were invited in...) - thats half the spotty teenagers in the land. = Six weeks in prison (suspended).

You'd need to be in court to know what really happened and see if these were excessive...

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