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Originally Posted by kelson View Post
The Doelfin worked fairly well, but I had to trim the outboard more forward than I would normally to get the fin to have the desired effect at slow speeds.

Smart Tabs ... an excellent way to help a boat get on the plane at slower speeds.
On my Futura Mk 2, I ended up doing lots of manual trim adjustment last week with the Doelfin - not good !

How slow can you get on the plane with the Smart Tabs ?

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It would be tabs for me.

I don't like the thought of drilling holes and bolting on extra stress point to the AV plate.

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Originally Posted by BumbleAbout View Post
How slow can you get on the plane with the Smart Tabs ?
Haven't got them yet but hoping for 10-12 kts.

I have 6m RIB with Yammy 90. I haven't done this very accurately but on flat water (tidal Thames) 18kts seemed to be the lowest speed at which I was 'properly' planing. On the sea I was planing at lower speed, maybe 12-15 kts. That seems counter-intuitive so possibly it was my feel of where the boat was comfortably planing was a bit different.

I've ordered the Smart Tabs with the optional retractor plate kit, so, when I have them fitted, I'll be able to test with tabs and without in identical conditions.
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I used the doel fins on an Avon 5.45 Seasport I owned once on a mariner 90HP, the arrangement on that boat is that you are sitting at the back, I kept it on the hamble and on the long wind up the hamble I often went out on my own, about 4 / 5 knots you couldnt see over the bow when seated!

Once I fitted the doel fins they were amazing, minimal bow lift, faster planing and vision at lower speeds! Made no noticable difference to the top end. Sure if you are launching the boat out of the water off waves and totally being airbourne i am sure the extra platform on he cavitation plate would not be good for transom etc but that is not my normal ribbing so they worked well for me :-)
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We used Tigershark VG fin on last boat and it did work well, however, I do still dislike the idea of drilling the AV plate. I'm sure if fins were the best solution the tab manufacturers what be out of business.

The replies so far have certainly tipped me toward favouring tabs, we haven't taken delivery of the boat so we do not know yet whether we will need anything, forwarned is forarmed.

New boat is here, very happy!
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