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I'll say what I want when I want and see you in the European Court of Human rights if you try to bully me into not expressing my own opinions.

Course in the good old school days I'd see you break time round the back of the bike sheds to thrash out the issue.

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Oh Dear! I don't think that nice Mr Montgomery-Swan has done himself any favours with the UK rib fraternity!

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Originally Posted by prairie tuber
... wake up one mornin beside a seahorse in yer bed!" - High & Mighty S**thead

Stay tuned for the Codfodder Part II...

Much better than a dog!
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Stolen shamelessly from elsewhere (OSO) Court rules Web sites not liable for postings

Says federal law offers immunity

Published in the Asbury Park Press 02/1/05


Web site operators are not liable for electronic messages posted by anonymous visitors, even if the content of the postings is intentionally malicious or potentially libelous, an appeals court ruled Monday.

The Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Court ruled that Stephen Moldow, whose "Eye on Emerson" Web site contained information on local government activities and included a discussion forum, was immune from liability under a provision of federal communications law. The panel's decision affirmed a ruling by a lower court.

"We accomplished what we needed to accomplish ó to purge the town of this Web site," said Gina Calogero, one of two Emerson council members who sued Moldow, the site's publisher, for damages. Calogero and Vincent Donato, who both resigned from council in 2002, claimed the site's electronic bulletin board contained negative messages from third parties, which attacked them professionally and personally.

It was not immediately clear when the Web site was dismantled. A call to Richard Mahoney, the lawyer representing Moldow, was not returned Monday.

Fictitiously named anonymous posters were also named in the suit, though the claim against the fictitious defendants ultimately was dropped.

The defendants argued that Moldow had "actively participated in selective editing, deletion and rewriting of anonymously posted messages," and therefore was responsible for the content of the postings.

The appeals panel disagreed, saying Congress has crafted rules for electronic publishers that differ significantly from those for publishers of print materials, granting "broad immunity" to e-publishers in its 1996 Communications Decency Act.

Calogero, however, said she believed the ruling allows for situations in which Web masters could be held liable for the content of others within the narrow confines of the federal law.

Of course this applies to the US only I suppose!
Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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Originally Posted by Rogue Wave

Much better than a dog!
To each their own, I guess!
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I have been following this thread from the very begining and must say that I do not like it one little bit. It should not have even started in the first place. A lot of posts have nothing to do with the subject of the thread but only keep it on the top as if it was the most important one. I for one do not agree of have a slagging match at HMS , I agree that HMS should hv sent JK an email instead of his solicitors .
I have known Hugo since 1998 and think he is a great guy who does not deserve this kind of publicity. I have participated in many events with Hugo and have even arranged for him to travel to Poland to participate in a rib race where the organisers provided the travel & board, have commissioned him to test ribs in Poland, translated Arek Pawelek's trip across the Atlantic which was featured on many pages of the RI magazine. Did not want and did not expect to be paid for that at all. Just good publicity was enough and getting that in RI was good enough for us.

There has been a lot of criticism on Ribnet towards HMS and RIBEX but guys lets be honest - Where can you go to a boat show in the UK and take your own rib. LBS no chance for obvious reasons , Southampton Boat Show - well I tried that and got chased away by the security guys on ribs who were just waiting for people like me and I guess this has happened to many of you.

Say if Hugo was to pack up RI which I hope he never does then I do not believe anyone would follow and the Rib industry in the UK and beyond would be left without its magazine. Instead of slagging the RI why not write to Hugo and put forward some suggestions. We should be supporting our rib magazine and not hammering it. I am sure HMS would pay attention to us ribsters cos guys he for sure is not going to pay any attention to say a car forum when there is a rib forum and my I say A great rib forum .

Anyway I have said my piece and please no criticism in my direction cos don't have the time to respond and won't even want to.


PS. Hugo, can I have an extra discount for RIBEX 2005
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Well said Andre - let this thread die the death it deserves!!
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Sorry Andre, but you can't make a point and then say don't disagree with my 'cos I dont want to respond can you? Bit like me saying "Parker RiBS fall apart after 10 mins" and not giving you the chance to reply which I am sure you would agree is not at all cricket. (BTW for any legally minded folk out there, Parker RIBS don't fall apart after 10mins and in this posters humble opinion are well made and good value for money )

This has all got a bit out of hand on the part of both Fjordrafting and HMS. Solicitors for gawds sakes?

When I've spent time with the guy on RB4 I got on fine with him. But his mag is crap and frankly a business plan based around we'll do a half arsed job because there is no competition so our customer base will suffer it doesn't deserve to succeed!

His customers are the readers btw not the advertisers. Although of course the independence of any magazine relying on advertising to fund itself (as most do) is questionable. MBY, PBO, Sportsboat and hairdresser weekly all are in this boat. is not as AFAIK JK doesn't take coin from advertisers other than through subscriptions which he does for subcribers as well.

The old chestnut of write to HMS and make suggestions / contribute to RI if you want to see it improve, similarly doesn't work. He ought to be actively seeking customer feedback as I am sure both you and Charles do in your own businesses. The sad thing is that the crux of the issue here has been around HMS honouring or otherwise an agreement to pay for an article submitted. Hardly likely to make the aspiring freelance Ribbing journo submit something to RI is it?!

As for RIBEX, Last year I heard a few visitors getting short shrift from certain exhibitors when they mentioned that they were forum members. (As in "oh no not you bloody lot"). I imagine it might be worse this year. Again a shame for anyone who is genuinely interested in their customers!
Out of the fog......
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Originally Posted by ct01
Well said Andre - let this thread die the death it deserves!!

Thread would "die" a lot quicker if people stopped posting on it.. and that includes you.
Had not the original thread pretty much "died a death" ? I think it was rekindled when JK got that garbage from the solicitors........

Yup.. just checked.. last post on that thread 19th February.. letter from DF&M dated 4th March... so who's keeping the thing alive?
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I definately think the solicitors are trying it on, its almost like censorship, removing an article is one thing, compensation and decreeing that an individuals account is closed, that is for someone with authourity to do, not an office in London to decide.I am come out and say it , if JK has to pay any compensenation, lets be honest we all nearly buy the mag, lets all STOP BUYING 3.85 A GO BY TIMES 2000 RIB.NETTERS, BY 6 PUBLICATIONS A YEAR 46200 OUT OF THE COFFERS OF THE MAG.............NOW THATS COMPENSATION


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