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as above. if you have a rib "just for cruising" you might cut down your usage after time but i use it as a safety boat, to fish from etc so we use it alot.

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Good questions!

1. Not that often nowadays. I think I've only been out about half a dozen times this year, although the wx has been fairly lousy.

2. I plan trips far more than I used to and hardly ever do any 'aimless' ribbing except to take the boat around the bay to keep the batteries charged and the engine ticking over.

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1. Use it as much as possible. For example 4 times this last week due to perfect shifts for tide times and weather. Its easy for me though, 3 seconds from the slipway and five minutes to launch it. Got it all down to a fine art.

2. More if i'm honest as this rib is bigger than my last so can handle the chop a little more. Would love a bigger rib, but would need a bigger garage.

Honestly, as the others said this is a want item not a need item.

My only concern is the word "CHILDREN" keeps getting mentioned. Less rib time possible on the horizon, unless anyone knows of any rib kid seats
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For me it's a want item, I love ribbing, I love the camaraderie, I love the challenge of learning new skills, and meeting and making new friends, so whether I'm out 3,4,10 times a year it doesn't matter as long as I have got a rib to launch as and when I can. I have met a few like minded and good people from this website and owning a rib has opened all these doors for me and the mrs she's paid half (joint account) so I think it's money well spent for me /us. I guess it's becoming a way of life . Long live ribbing.
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Used mine about 24 days so far this year and covered over 400 miles on short trips out to dive sites and fishing sites since April. The fuel bill obviously adds up after a while but I've mentally offest that with some incredible dives and memorable fishing trips that would never be possible on a charter boat even if one was available at split second notice when I suddlenly find the days work has finished and I'm home at 2pm :-)

Plus my freezer is well stocked with Scallops, Lobsters, Mackerel, Bass, Bream, Plaice --- you name it plus we've had some pretty awesome seafood barbeques which would have cost a small fortune if the fish was sourced from a quality fishmonger :-)

My only regret is not buying a slightly larger rib, getting it coded and using it for work as well.
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I use mine nearly every weekend and in addition if the weather is nice during the week then at least once in the week in late afternoon / early evening. With fuel prices what they are if spent over 3K on fuel alone since January 1st. I never get bored of it, use it to get some fresh air on the sea very relaxing.
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Use it most weekends , both days if possible, happy on my own but with the boss and dog if they want to come. Occasional evenings. If I'm not using it my sons and their friends are! (Provided I put the fuel in) Season from about April to November.

I don't use my RIB as much as Boris, since I see him every time I'm out!
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I guess it depends on your individual circumstances as to how often you get to use your Rib. I sure everyone would use it more if they could? Some of us are lucky and live by the sea and have a Rib available in the water anytime - so a spur of the moment decision to nip over to The Island for supper is an easy option.

Many customers of The Dry stack only use their boats ocassionally (maybe just 4-5 times a year) as they live in London or further afield. Some locals go out on a regular basis (to go sailing or act as safety boat).

Either way, I'm sure we would all agree that a good day out on the water is "priceless"!
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When I first got a rib I used it practically every week but having upgraded to a larger boat my ribbing is now aimed at longer trips with overnight stays etc. You get far more out of it this way. Also fuel is far too costly now to just go out for a 2 hour aimless blast!
Chris Stevens

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Originally Posted by Vandad View Post

So question for you guys,

1) How many times do you use your RIB?

2) Have you noticed any change in your usage compared to the first season when you first bought the rib?
1) As often as work, weather, tides and family circumstances allow it. Which I am glad to say is quite often! For the past four weeks it has been on the water for at least three days a week.

2) Certainly! I use it much more often now. Also I use it for longer trips - would think nothing now of heading out to Tory island for a pint and a walk these evenings.
Any meaning read into my message is the product of your own mind...
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