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Originally Posted by Polwart View Post
Eilan mor,

I understand your concern. However if the canoes had the time and presence of mind to start taking pictures then it really wasn't that close, or the canoes were intentionally seeing how close he would go, which isn't that smart.

The commercial boat driver has legal responsibilities over an above moral ones. The Canoists were the stand on vessel and needed to move if the other vessel wasn't following IRPCS and if the driver couldn't see were he was going then the boat ain't fit for purpose, which in the case of a ferry is the safe transportation of goods and people,.

No excuses bad Boatmanship

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Sorry - I wasn't defending him. I know of his reputation, and whilst I've never had a close call with him, the contrast to the friendliness of the orange (Venture West?) redbay who plies the same waters is apparent! The point I was trying to make was I can't see how his vision would be obscured enough by the bow rise (as others had generously suggested). I've no idea if he was "hunting" for canoeists or perhaps has an autopilot and a lazy attitude to keeping a lookout BUT if I was in any vessel, but especially a canoe, and thought there was a possibility that the fast approaching give-way vessel hadn't seen me or wasn't planning to give way then I'd be getting out the way pronto not taking pics.

and only at the last moment, literally seconds from them, and when one of the canoeists takes a camera out to take a photo of the incident does the rib alter course? and then pass within a couple of metres of the canoes
that suggests if he hadn't taken avoiding action (albeit late) then the MAIB would have had some great evidence for their investigation... ...which would probably have highlighted the Col Reg which I paraphrase as "if the other guy doesn't give way then get out the way yourself".

However, I completely accept that if you've got close enough to upset other water users then you got too close and if you seem to be doing it regularly then you are either oblivious to other water users needs or a tit.

Given that he has that known reputation then I'd take the view that assuming early that he won't be giving you a wide berth and doing your best to get clear is actually the decision which lets you not only go home safe but also, probably a lot less wound up. Its like avoiding ejits in jetskis, they really are not worth getting hot under the collar about (and certainly not on here if he won't even see it).

If the OP wants to he could send the report to CHIRP ( who will I believe raise it with the vessel managers if they believe there are lessons to be learned.
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Originally Posted by Polwart View Post

Sorry - I wasn't defending him.
Never thought for one moment you were, Neil. Sorry if I gave that impression
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I suspect that he has no issues with canoes - he treats supertankers the same way
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If I was the canoeist and he had come that close to me I think I would have trouble from stopping myself from making him wear my paddle

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