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Ah, I thought that this might stir up some debate...however, read the question again:

I'd like to know if the crew turned up on dry land. If they did and did not inform the CG , should they pay the bill?

Keith (?) Hart

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If, as reported, they contacted the coastguard to advise that they were in difficulties and gave a proposed course of action, and they did not follow that course of action, and they did not tell the coastguard of their revised plan, and there isn't an overwhelmingly good reason why thay haven't managed to contact the coastguard, then I see no reason why they shouldn't foot the bill.

Still, I hope that they are ignorant, selfish bastards, safely in the pub rather than still out there . . .


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Anybody who instigates a search and rescue operation on foot of an impending problem, but in the case of expended fuel , makes land BUT FAILS TO NOTIFY THE COASTGUARD, should definately foot the bill, however if its a genuine ,we got home but we wernt sure, well thats alright then.In Dublin last Sunday we heard a mayday for wait for it "Our sail is stuck up" .I am sure this is serious and warnts help but cutting a rope would have brought it down.A lifeboat went out , a sailing boat assisted, a helicopter went out from Dublin, a ferry with 600 people diverted, to the yacht, nobody was in the sea, the vessel was watertight, it was in difficulty however.I have even heard "Mayday" for a boat broke down in flat calm conditions drifting towards a beach in daylight. lets hope as JK said the peoplke are safe and ashore and its easy for me to make assestments while listing to traffic on ch 16 but forget about the financial cost, other lives are put at risk for badly made assestments of situations where common sense could prevail .

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Still no news about them. What are you doing in Falmouth Gingercoastie about tracing them? I have got training tomorrow night so I will pop into Brixham Ops room.
I don't think that boat owners should be charged for using the CG or RNLI for emergencies, but if the casualty is someone who has run out of fuel or blatently has neglected his safety equipment and/or maintenenace of the enigne and vessel then there should be some kind of endorsement. But I am not sure what would be the right way to go.
Someone I know of the marina had a net around his prop last year off Jersey. A normal PAN PAN was put out after numerous attempts at freeing it. the Jersey ALB was sent but it was just inside French waters and a french naval vessel I think it was towed him in and its divers freed the net. Then came the bill which was several hundreds of pounds!!! It was though claimable from the insurance company.

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Originally posted by gingercoastie
I am sure the coastguard will give them a SEVERE talking to
Oh Arr, this will make the world of difference. It seems to be the fashion in this country to abuse the emergency services. I'm sure any policeman, firefighter, paramedic, RNLI, would be able to tell horror stories of the time/resource wasting jobs they are called to. Everyone is aware of their rights but the responsibilities that go with those rights are often forgotten. It's always got to be someone else's fault.It's usually the most deserving cases that are the last to call. No politician would dare to introduce charges as it would be political suicide. So what's the answer? The answer is to leave it to the lads. They're well versed in gaining vengeance on those who take the p*ss. But until they are reported safe and well, this thread may be a bit premature.


This post is the fault of Glenfiddich.
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Hi All
Spent a chunk on saturday checking the marina's for this boat,
We were told it was travelling from Plymouth the Weymouth & was running out of fuel at prale point then lost radio contact early sat am
Plymouth mobile was out as was Taymar inshore.
So its still missing, lets hope its in some's front yard an they haven't had the decency to call in as apposed to being lost without trace.
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Hi folks

Do we have any idea of the type of boat, was it likly to be kept afloat or small enough to be taken home?.

Take it their is no CG66 for them.

As people say let all hope this post has not been premature

Regards Gary
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It was described to us as a 20-22 foot open fishing boat with five people onboard colour light blue.
how acurate this is I don't know
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There is a boat named "sea spray" that is a 22 foot colvic sea worker which is normally moored up the plym estuary.

Blue hull, white superstructure, forward cabin / open wheelhouse

I do not know if it still there / returned.

CG 66 is a good idea, I think registration should be mandatory as it is in the Channel Islands. System works great, a boat reported overdue by the wife / family / panicky mayday etc, sea rescue immediately know all the details for it and EXACTLY where the usual mooring is.

I think we should see if these people arrived before slating them, it sounds as though they made a passage report, correctly advised they were changing it, but sadly have either not reported their final arrival or sadly something may have happened.

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"I just don't believe it!"

On a more light hearted my days as a Naval helicopter pilot, I had a mate who was flying for 772 at Culdrose and had occassion to pull a knackered windsurfer out from just off the Lizard. The guy was fighting an offshore breeze, had no enegy left and was on his way to mid channel! He was most grateful and sent on his way in a taxi after a cup of tea at Culdrose.

Imagine the surprise 2 weeks later when the Pusser got a bill for the guys wind surfing board and equipment which the helicopter clearly could not have pulled out due to the dangers of rotor entaglement.
Quick as a flash the Pusser sent counter bill for 2 hours use of a Wessex 5 at £3500 per hour. Nothing more was heard from the guy!

People never cease to amaze me!


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