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Your 185 will NOT take blue charts. You will also notice if you look at the Garmin website that to get the whole South coast of the Uk you would neeed to but quite a few maps, v.expensive, hence my choice of BlueChart. Don't forget IF you upgrade to a BlueChart unit they will give you a 25% discount, they are trying to get people to move from G-charts to BlueChart.

For Data cable see this link :-

For software udate see this link :-

(There are not many updates on the 185, the latest is from 4.03 to 4.05, check in system on the unit to see what version you have, you can do it via the menu feature.)

To update the unit is very easy, I have just updated my e-map and 176 ubits. One problem however is that the data cable comes with a 9 pin connecter (like for a joy stick on the PC), NOT USB. My computer is modern and has no 9 pin port I had to pay about 39 for a Garmin 9 pin to USB converter cable, this cable is a load of nonsense, and even Garmin agree (USA help desk last night) that it only works occassionally, this is to do with data transfer speeds. Garmin's data transfers at a slow rate and cannot keep up with USB speed. In the end I had to use my sons laptop with the 9 pin port to update them. I will be speaking to Garmin about this as I have wasted 39. The answer is to get a Garmin chip reader that is USB, this enables you to take the chip out of the unit and put it into the reader unit attached to your PC and download data from there, then put it back in the GPS, it may be difficult however to use this to update the operating system on the unit.

It is very easy to update the system following the instructions, if anyone wants to try my USB adapter let me know. To find out if there is an update for your unit look under products, select yours, and when the page comes up look at the left column under software updates, it will tell you what has been updated. You need to look at the system details in your unit via menu to get info on your present software details.

For info, if you have Microsoft Autoroute Express on your PC or one of Garmins MapSource products, when you have the data cable attached and the GPS on, it will give you live details of where you are on the maps on the PC via the GPS. A bit difficult walking down the road with a generator and your desktop, but will still work with a laptop!

If you have any problems PM me.


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Thanks a lot. However, I bought mine from SAfrica when I got the boat for about 500 last year so does it worth it changing it?? Have to think about that.
Any whay thanks for info much appreciated.


PS I already had a looked @ the GARMIN site thanks to the info you provied in your earlier post. I've also noticed there that they do not blue charts for my GPS. But it was only that one UK rep said that it could be converted (bull). Didn't believe him and just had to make 100% sure. I'll buy a G-map @ $200 for the boat in Greece and for the new RIB in the UK will get a new GARMIN that takes blue charts. Made my up mind. MANY Thanks again!!

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Country: UK - England
Town: Bromley, Kent
Make: GS209
Length: 6.137
Engine: 4.3ltr 210hp Volvo Penta
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 231
Crazyhorse, thaks for the nice comment

Please note however that a couple of months ago I had no clue about boats whatsover, all the info and knowledge I have picked up as I have gone along. Anyway any info that I have posted will have been researched and come from a reliable source e.g. Garmin e.t.c. Do NOT be fooled that I seem to be a brainy boater, I do think however that if we all share and pool our reliable researched info together it will save us all loads of time and more time on the water

I have learnt a lot on here and it is only fair to try and help when possible. As always everyone is different with different ideas, if not all the boats would be the same! But there are some things that are common to all e.g. safety

With regards to GPS I use that all the time (on land), so know something about that, I am now just adapting to Charts e.t.c.

Have a great Christmas and a brilliant boatbuilding New Year,

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Hi folks

Happy Christmas to everyone

As far as charts go I belive that there should be somthing to allow you to keep them updated without having to fork out considerable cash every year or two to keep them upto date.

I keep mine updated by placing a waypoint next to the change with detail of the change in the description.
This does use up your waypoints but with 3000 to go at I have not run out yet, even planning quite long routes.

All the best Gary
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Thanks Flanker,

I follow your posts and like most pick the relevant bits out,for egsample the last minit deals was great ,I wanted a specific piece of kit and they didnt have it, but if it were not for posting it I would not of known about there bargains.

We are all convinced of ribs potential and have a common goel in reducing costs where we can through,passing on experiance and ideas,

Your comments on garmin GPS are of no use to me but will be to others,as we all buy at different times and therefore have the best kit we can afford at that time.

A forum like this can be great as we can state it as we find it, and not what we are sold,the only way to get a great deal is to look long and hard and capitilise on our pooled experiance and knolledge.

Hopefully this will put us in a good position to look after our common goal and reduce our costs or get better kit.

In my case I would like to do absolutley nothing, but sitting on my boat/cruising offshore, eating good food , drinking whilst Im doing that ,somebody that I dont know drops money off in my letterbox,for collection at a later date when Im a bit bored.

Any takers for the letter box Please send a private message and I will give directions when I can get round to it or when Im bored.

Hava a great Christmas. Im in the mire as I got to pretend, I put a lot of thought into Chrisi Presents, when in fact, im off to buy them now fro the corner shop,I have 3 hrs.

See ya

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Santa was most generous to me this Xmas . I have now got a BlueChart data card of the English Channel for my Garmin 176C GPS. Can't wait to test it on the water and a pity I did not have it for the St. Malo cruise as it also covers that area

I have a set of leads to connect the GPS to my laptop. Does anyone know whether I can view this via the laptop or do I need any software. I do not want to try in case I do some damage to the BlueChart and Garmin do say they do not replace them if data is lost. Better safe than sorry

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