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Originally Posted by codprawn
what exactly do we owe??
Didn't they capture an Enigma machine?

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Originally Posted by codprawn
Don't mind helping a Yank out but what exactly do we owe??

As has been pointed out several times before on this forum (which is full of characters)

You post something in a public web site and you have to stand by it. if Mr C has an issue with a set of people or a group then that is his right, (Yanks are big on rights) as is it every ones right to disagree with his view…

For the record I find it amusing that any one has a list quite as long as his but what the hell it dose not make him a bad person.

A guy once asked. (Insert any guy you want floppy transom or not)

“Why is it every one seams to take an instant dislike to me”

to which the reply was given

“It saves time”

“The only difference between men and boys, is the price and size of their toys”
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Just for the record: I think the "owe" comment by the capecodguy was in poor taste. Also Mr. C. Prawn"s response to my initial post introducing myself as a British citizen and his response " another Yank" was also in even poorer taste. He has also used the term frequently since then. Maybe, one day he will visit one of the S.E states of the USA and use that term and receive a busted nose. If you do not know the full meaning of a slang word it is better not to use it in public.
Soooooo. Let us all be gentlemen and call it Quits, OK????
Running around like a head with it's chicken cut off.
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fukk mee I fynk ittz tyme gArf caym owver eer too eksplane wott derrogitry reemarkks reely arr.

Maiby peeple arr beein a bytt to senzitiv eer?
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Originally Posted by codprawn
Don't mind helping a Yank out but what exactly do we owe??
You owe us more pictures of your boat and descriptions of the things you are doing to it just as soon as you get them! How about that for starters? As to the comment regarding what you owe us, it probably is in reference to the amount of money British Petroleum is making in this country, not that I would single them out personally, Royal dutch shell and all our wonderful Yank oil companies are making a killing too! Isn't it wonderful?? Now, given the close political and cultural ties between the U.S. and Britain I for one tend to think of us (us being both countries) as joined at the hip, so no bickering gentlemen, neither of us is going anywhere... As to Codprawns comments, I personally take no offense being called a "Yank" I am a Yank from Cod's perspective, he seems to dole out his quite opinionated comments without prejudice, he seems somewhat nationalist, but most people are about the country they live in, take the Iraqis for example. At least Cod speaks what he really thinks, like it or not, I appreciate his honesty, don't necessarily like it all the time, but this forum does not exist to satisfy my likes and dislikes, or anyone's for that matter. It is about the water and the boats gentlemen!!

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