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Originally Posted by wavelength View Post

thats a bold statement and who are "they"????
As said before we will take them at our cg station from private bods but we wont come out for them so JSP does not have a problem let me know and i will meet you there when I have a spare moment - which is not for a week or three cos I am run off m'feet just now - holland this week IoM week after
Which Station is it Dave? Thought only Liverpool took them in. I'll give you a shout in a couple of weeks then
Boats no longer in Fleetwood dock, it's in Frecklton boat yard now. But still go up to fleetwood dock to see my folks.

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Originally Posted by SeaSkills View Post
It's probably something to do with the 2-day training course for RNLI flare demonstrators, the several pages of risk assessment needed for every demonstration, and the many phone calls and emails before each event to advise the coastguard, police, fire service, air traffic control, local lifeboat etc etc (and calling them again immediately before and after the event to remind them).

No distress flares are used, just hand-held smokes, and white pinpoints and parachutes.

Nonetheless, the wind-up call to the coastguard afterwards always includes feedback on how many 999 calls came in
Clearly different organistaion go about things differently

We have been providing flare demonstations and in fact letting students have a go at firing live flares since the business started (2001). I think it is one of the most valuable bits of training we provide and it is a key featurs of our Sea Survival course.

Flares are potentially very dangerous, but if used correctly are safe. They have to be treated with respect but I believe the experience of firing them for real in a controlled environment better equips you for the day you might need to use them for real.

We have a short writen policy on how the session is to be run. Its basically common sense but we give new Sea Survival and ISAF Instructors a short training session on how to deliver the session themselves.

We don't call anyone until about 3 minutes before we start, then we call Solent Coast Guard and tell them what we are up to. At the end of the sesison we call them again. We do not call anyone else. At a quick estimate I would say we have run well over 500 of these sessions and to date had no problmes.

We do the session on the water front of the River Itchen, the Itchen is used by most aircraft landing at Southampton Airport for their pilotage. No one has yet complained. We dont email anybody, we dont bother talking to the local lifeboat as they are co ordinated by the Coast Guard, we dont bother talking to the Police as they would only pass anything onto the Coast Guard.

web -
email -
tel - 02380 231122
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That sounds like a much more sensible approach
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Having fired both parachute and handheld flares I'd rather fire the parachute any day, no fun fun trying to hold onto burning explosive.

I bought an anchor off ebay and the seller kindly stuck an out of date flare in the parcel for me. When asked he said "I thought you might have wanted it!"

When we have a flare that fails to fire at sea we are taught to stick a knife in the end of it and flush it with water. No chance, I'll be throwing it as far as I can from the boat!

Just to add more confusion to it all the RNLI can't get the white para flares, I just checked ours on the boat and the expiry was 07/08.
I think its Pains Wessex that supply ours and for some reason they will only supply them to the MOD now not the RNLI, don't ask why we don't use a different manufacturer?
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It's nearly 20years since I last "played" with flares, when as part of the RNR we let off both flares and thunder flashes.

At Stormforce yesterday for the Sea Survial, we did go through the live firing. It was one of the most valuable exercises I have done in a long time. It provides confidence and reassurance about flares and also gets rid of alot of the myths that have built up.

A great day Doug keep it up.

I do and will continue to carry them on board, whilst I know that one might fail, in general they will always be more reliable than anything requiring volts in a time of distress.
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well i suppose we could go back to the old distress signal of the burning barrel of tar on the fore deck,
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A few years back someone did that off Cornwall and set fire to the rest of the boat!
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Before I go on, I must state that am an Authorised UK Importer & Reseller of Rescue Laser Flares; and owner of the site mentioned before on this forum that sells them.

Rescue Lasers Flares and Laser Pointers are two different products,

The rescue flares produce a line of light as previously stated, that progressive gets bigger the large distance its projected. So the time it hits the aircraft its a massive line. The flashing affect is caused by moving the flare side to side across your fingers that you use to sight. (would normally link to site here with instructions, but don't want to advertise).

This prevents blinding the pilots, last thing that you really want to crash your the helicopter coming to rescue you!

These have been approved by the USA authorities and have been supplied to USA military and coastguard. I believe the Spanish Airforce are using these too. I have supplied units to UK governmental agencies.

An independent review can be found at the following:

Myke Hawke (( and Five Gadget Show Review:

The downside to the rescue laser flare is that its is directional, and its designed to be used as pinpoint instead of parachute replacement. To guide rescuers to your location. (How many times you watched the TV rescue shows where the Helicopter cant find the causality.)

I still carry parachute flares on my boat, as last resort, since these can be seen in all directions.

One last point, the Laser flares can be used for picking up retro-reflective tape, when the laser hits the object you get bright flash back, this is useful in finding MOB at night or people in the hills if they have the retro-reflective tape in the clothing.

Any Questions on this product feel free to ask me, and I will do my best to honestly answer them.


A Laser pointer is focus dot of light, that will temp blind a pilot by leaving a dot in his eye.
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Thanks for some accurate info. As I said they are pretty directional devices unlike a normal parachute flare that can be seen over a huge area.

Of course they have their place like everything else and having a bit of a fetish for bright shiny things I will probably get one soon.
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Which Station is it Dave
Fleetwood just e mail me and I will meet you there if I am available and actually in the area for a change. This week possibly or the next one is easier. Then its off to the IoM with a commercial boat and when I get back it will be getting towards Ribex.

Dave M
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