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Country: UK - England
Town: Hamble, Southampton
Make: Avon (Sea Rider)
Length: 4m
Engine: 50 Merc
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Feeling Stupid, bad boating day !!

Picture the scene, I woke up this morning thinking what a nice sunny day!! I think i will have a gentle cruise over the the Isle of Wight with a mate of mine..

So anyway Set off with no hitch, got over the the island in alittle rough water but nothing i have not seen before..

Harrah i thought i made it to the island.. ( been there many times already)

I think i will have a strole up to the Folly Inn, Moored up went in for a drink ( of coke) thought ooh its 3:30pm i had better get back as friends over for a BBQ.

So i set back enjoying the views. then splutter splutter when my engine.. the it died, me left thinking mmmm glad i am still in the island. Managed to moor it up on someone's private mooring (silly me but needed to get it somewhere with no working engine)

So i stood there shaking me head thinking mmmm i live in Hamble and i am stuck in Isle of Wight, so i set about with my tools taking the plugs out, nope they were fine.. Then noticed that my spare tank was sitting on the fuel line!!

So after removing the tank off the line and a quick squeeze if the ball, it fire right up!!

So i thought i had better check to see if i have all 4 cyl's working taking each lead of at a time, checking to see if the egine faulters, mean time i see a HUUUGE sunseeker coming my way, so i carry on putting my engine back together then on speakers i hear " Good afternoon gentle man YES thats my mooring please move!" So i shouted and pointing to my engine " I have engine troubles" he replied " Sorry ok but can you move "

Needless to say i was alittle unhappy at this but thought, i would be the same if someone has parked there boat in my space. so i moved the boat out of his way..

So anyway thinking the engine sounded ok, i set back home to HAMBLE

Screaming the living tits of it all the way home out of fear that it might die (silly i know but wanted to get home fast)

Got into the mouth of Hamble river, i thought YAY i am home thank god, then * BANG * i run into a sand bank.. !!!!

I then thought this IS NOT my day!! got it off ok and set back.

then got the boat out of the water onto the trailor, hitched ever thing up, started to drive home i hear this, Grummble Bang bang, What the hell was that! i thought, stopped the car and had a look, lilke a fool i am i not only Forgot to bring up the front wheel to the trailor.!!

anyway got it home and all was ok..

Tired now..

Sorry for the long post, i just found it all alittle amusing to say the least..

all this in a 4m Avon seaRider! LOL


I like rib my way into fun
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Country: UK - England
Town: Gosport
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Make: Moody 31
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Sounds like a perfectly normal day out in a rib actually,


Don't worry we have all done it, except the fuel starvation was from a large crab we caught diving. Hw must have known he was for the pot so decided to pinch the fuel line in his claws, nearly made it through the line too

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Country: Other
Make: FB 55
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I can relate to your entire story........very amusing
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Town: Iver, Bucks, UK
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Make: Humber Ocean Pro
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I spent ages on the Folly pontoon once, (after more than a coke), wondering why my engines wouldn't start. I took the covers off, -twin 60 Mariners at the time, (scratched the paintwork on them doing it too), then checked the plugs. Changed a fuse or two, looked at the fuel line... and than the man on the water taxi said, "have you checked the kill cord?" Doh......... Sure enough, there it was lying on the floor!
Lesson learned.... take more water with it!...
Sober by Lymington though!

Mike C
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Town: Great Harwood, Lancs
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Make: Bombardier Aerodeck
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Hi folks

Think many of us have spent time tying to find out why the engines wont start "and it dont help this dam kill cord catching on everyhitng", Doh lets try pluging it in.

I know I have..

Other ones which have caught me out

1) Lets switch on the fuel, engines run better that way.

2) Yes the "start in gear" protection means the engine really wont start in gear

3) Starter motors work better with the battery isolator closed.

and when you have got the engine started.

4) Its easier trying to reverse off the trailer if you unclip the winch first.

5) You tie up in shallow water, no problem, put 6 big people in the boat then wonder why its now on the bottom, and guess whos job it is to try and push you off.

6) When you come ashore why does it always feel much deeper than the sounder shows when you jump in, 2 foot should not be up to my waist with my car remote phone etc in my pocket

All part of the fun and it gives other chance for a laugh as well, often thinking been their done that .

Regards Gary
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I know it's more land based, but also remember to let the handbrake off on the trailer before dragging it up the slipway - it makes towing far easier and saves tyres, and clutch wear

It also makes sense to attach the anchor to the anchor rope before hurling it over the side of the boat..... watching the end of the chain flick over without anything attached to it is well annoying.

Don't assume the deepest part of the channel is right in the middle - on our very first ever boating experience on low water, Dad wrote off the prop about 20mins after lauching for the first time on rocks up river......

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Make: BWM
Length: 5.75
Engine: Mariner 125
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i feel for you

unlucky it always happens to the best

and to think i had a trouble free day in the gleaming sunshine motoring around the bay.

So i'm sitting here feeling smug, wind blown, tanned and good

sorry had to be done
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I was sat by the slipway at Christchurch one evening, a chap reversed car and trailer down the slip, then got out.

Unfortunately he hadn't put the handbrake on.

I opened my mouth to shout, but I couldn't get any words out! Fortunately someone attracted his attention before any more than the rear wheels went into the water.
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Slipway attendant thoughts on Windermere

I went to windermere,with a Condor Sailing cat with a huge new multicoloured sail.

On arrival the Slipway attendant said,I couldnt launch , So after a very heated agument , my friend had to appologise for what I had said to him and explain that I didnt mean it,whilst the girlfriends looked on in wonder,whilst sitting google eyed in the car.

He eventualy let us launch and I was banned from saying a word to him.

So as the boat was mine,all responsibility was down to me,I went about the launch in a profesional manner,and we all climbed abord and took off,as the attendant looked on and mutterd.

There was plenty of wind,and she was a little slow at lifting a hull,but looked the buisness.
I looked down and realised this was down to the trailer still being attached to the boat,and we were all including the trailer in deep water 40 yds from the slip,and sailing like an office block.

I do believe I now what the attendant was thinking at that point in time.
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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Little Wing
Make: Searider 5.4
Length: 5m +
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Re: Slipway attendant thoughts on Windermere

Originally posted by crazyhorse
I do believe I now what the attendant was thinking at that point in time.
Yep, Hoss. Starts with T and rhymes with rat. P'raps that's why they're called trailer sailors. Anyway, I would have thought your well used to carrying a bit of extra weight round the middle


P.S. Wolves are now in the PREMIERSHIP
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