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Country: UK - Isle of Man
Town: Douglas Isle of Man
Make: Osprey
Length: 5m +
Engine: Suzuki 70hp 4 stroke
MMSI: 235035776
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Went on a safety boat course recently (no names to protect the obviously guilty).

First rib wouldn't start - instructor pulled and pulled...threw hands up and said 'you have a go'!

I pumped the bulb, loosened the vent on the tank and she started second pull........

Second rib brought down the slip.....instructor tries again.....

Ten minutes swearing later.....'you have a go'

Jumped in, pulled cord....absolutely no compression, spark or anything.....

Thought for a mo...looked at control box, flicked cut out switch and off she went...........

Excuse ' I've only just done my instructor course and the boat was key start!'

Happy Boating

Oh yeah - I did forget to see that the second engine was locked down and as I took off from the slip it did lift out of the water! Can't be perfect every day - and I have electric trim on both my boats (poor excuse)!

Tax is paid by mortals
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Old 23 October 2003, 16:03   #32
Country: UK - England
Town: Cippenham
Boat name: Falcon1
Make: Falcon
Length: 6m +
Engine: 115hp Mariner Four S
MMSI: 235021077
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I remember years ago, went fishing of Hove. launched at day break, flat calm all day and i mean flat. turned out to be the hottest day of the year not a cloud in the mid day we were suffering from heat stroke, headed back to find the beach found it covered in about 3,000,000 people. by this time we were desperate and just wanted to beach the boat and get the hell out of the last we managed to get through the swimmers and head for a tiny clear patch of beach....stood at the bow waiting to jump out and pull in the in law said i did.......into about 10 feet of water....thats some steep beach.......looked a total plonker.... half the beach falling about with total pain from the blisters.....spent the next week trying to sleep in intense pain.....and i STILL like boats............Sick or What!!!!

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Country: Australia
Town: Sydney
Make: Gemini
Length: 5.05
Engine: 85hp Yamaha
Join Date: Jun 2003
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Thanks for these threads guys...

I have done

kill switch

bungs out


tie downs tied to trailer

on several occasions and once, all three on the same launch.

Great to hear I am not the only one... keep it up...
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Old 24 October 2003, 03:14   #34
Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Falkirk
Boat name: a boat
Make: Narwhal
Length: 4m +
Engine: Force 40hp o/b
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More Stupids.....

Gives me a nice warm feeling inside, knowing I'm not alone here....

Bungs - (Why are my feet wet?) Been there, done that!

Kill cord - Start you #####! Start! .....#### it! Whats this cord tangled in now? - Oops! These days gets checked if it doesnt fire on first two turns of key!

Was a partner in crime when we flipped a SIB once ( I was on a donut and could see it coming, but could'nt do anything about it)- does that count?

Did'nt put locking pin back on one side of trailer board - then took it draggies up the road for a few miles (What is that noise?) Still using that board - just both ends have different shapes!

OK, thats enuff for now....feel better somehow!
"Remember the Plug!"
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Old 31 October 2003, 14:52   #35
Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Shieldhill
Boat name: Concorde
Make: Southern Pacific 4.5
Length: 4m +
Engine: 60 Mercury Big Foot
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Yep that driver who flipped my Bomabrd was me cheers Bill !

We all learn.....eventually !
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Country: Other
Town: Oakley
Boat name: ZerstŲrer
Make: Ribcraft
Length: 5m +
Engine: Suzuki DF 140
MMSI: 235050131
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My Claim To Fame

I put the Number Plate Board on upside down on my trailer.

Which meant numbers upside down and when I indicated right the left indicator went on. DOH.

Funny thing is no one flashed or waved at me.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Reading
Make: None
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Re: My Claim To Fame

Originally posted by Biggles
Funny thing is no one flashed or waved at me.
They did - you just didn't see them after they swerved into the ditch to avoid you!
Scorpion RIB Group on Facebook
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Old 01 November 2003, 13:17   #38
Country: UK - England
Town: Margate / Ramsgate
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Length: 8m +
Engine: Yanmar diesel
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Okay, here is my bad boating day!
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Old 03 November 2003, 17:07   #39
Country: UK - England
Town: Midlands
Make: Nautique
Length: 6m +
Engine: PCM 5.7l
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Well i have just come back from a holiday wiht the boat on lake Windermere. Sick and tired of driving round and round in circles all day at full whack however all my friends up there without boats seemed capable of doing it for years to come.

However on the first launch i fufilled most of the usualls....

Bung out.
Light board on.
Kayak straped to boat. Kayak also strapped to trailer...

We were in a bit of a not really that bad.
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Old 30 December 2003, 08:13   #40
Country: UK - England
Town: Nutbourne
Boat name: Renegade
Make: Porter
Length: 6m +
Engine: 140 Tohatsu
MMSI: 235022904
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,195
Just found this thread and had to add my 10p worth.

Many years ago, during my days on a sailing club committee, I was trying to persuade the bunch of Lt Commader RN (Rtd) on said committee that we could do with a rescue boat that could keep up with someting faster that the West Weight Scows that they sailed.

I borrowed a brand new 5m from BWM with a pair of 35s on the back for a Open we were holding.

Well, the performance had to be checked, so the wife and I trundled down Chi Harbour and out past the beacon and then I opened it up. The thing really flew, litterally, over a couple of waves.

So What happened next?

(Clue - BWM did told me that the engines were NOT bolted on yet but the clamps were tight, but please check them now and again.)

Mark H
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools" Douglas Adams
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