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Glad to hear that you are all OK after your horrible experiences.

As had been said, I would like to find out why the boat took on water in the first place, and what caused the tube to separate in conditions that should be well within her capabilities.

but, of course, all of that can wait.

Please send our best wishes to Fiona and Simon, and yourself of course.

Carpe pm
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Firstly Cath and I are glad that you are now safe and sound - its frightening just looking at the pictures and reading your account.

Secondly - I will increase my RNLI membership - they are all fantastic guys. Also remember the other Lifeboats require our assistance too. e.g. Portishead has its own lifeboat that covers the Severn Just as valuable (and they have a RibCraft!)

Thirdly - Will you be fitting a DSC radio? It sounds like there was some confusion about your position, although I'm sure you knew exactly where you were this got "confused" in the relay. I have heard PAN PAN calls in the Solent where the CG has difficulty pinpointing the casulty - and hence the rescue takes longer.
You may also find that the DSC call could have reached the CG directly as they go further.

It was for these reasons I fitted a DSC to my RibCraft - I also figgered that the Distress button could be easily activated by any passenger (take the example of the Yacht where the skipper was knocked off and the crew couldn't operate the radio)

(For our newcomers... DSC radios are required in commercial and fishing vessels and are optional in recreational boats. Hitting the "Distress" button will send a Digital PAN PAN or Mayday message to all other boats and CG in the radios area. This message contains the Position recieved from the ships GPS. - You then send a voice Mayday on Ch16 - The DSC bit is a bit like sending a text message on a mobile)

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Pleased you are all OK.

If your not put of ribbing for life, you can join me on my RIB on the St Malo cruz.
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What a trip !!!!!!! I'm glad all is safe and well, as Ribs can be repaired, People are not so easy.....! Keep us informed as to the causes of this , It may benfit us all...
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Charles...what a star. Going to all that trouble just so we could have an exciting read. Thanks.

Keith (glad you're all okay) Hart
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Glad to hear that you survived what must have been a very nerve-wracking experience .

Thanks for the report and photos - I don't think I could have reached for the camera under those conditions
Peter (nick, nick) T

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wouldnt wish that experience on any body, great to hear you all got back safely

Charles, I wonder what such intake of water would have done had you been running an inboard, presumably it would have got flooded, packed up and put you in a worse situation, by the sounds of it the fact you have an outboard meant it kept running despite being flooded ?
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Charles, Sorry to hear about your problems but I am glad that you are both safe. I am sure that you will understand when I say " I know how you feel"! Like me, the boat can be repaired and in time you can laugh about it in the Pub

On an interesting point, there is an article in this months Rib International showing two pictures about tube attachment. Picture 3 shows the wrong way and picture 4 shows the correct way.

In fact the author of this story does not know his arse from his elbow and the captions are back to front! Picture 3 is correct and picture 4 is VERY Wrong.

The correct way to locate the bow section on any fast/deep sea RIB is to have an excess of material that will allow the tube to fold inside the boat when it gets "Stuffed" this way it will not rip the attachment off which is what appears on your boat. Nicely finished tube attachments are one thing and look very good but keeping them on is another. It might be worth asking around to see how many other RIB owners / builders will own up to this problem.
Alan P
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Good to know you're all ok now.
Great thread, and some cool pictures too. Goes to show the extremes that these people will go to to get 4 people back on dry land.
Nice of the French lads to try helping out, even if it didn't exactly work out well. Might now look in to making regular donations to the RNLI, currently only give em money when I'm on holiday and there's a lifeboat station around, or when I'm out diving.

The RNLI do a nice mousemat you can buy in the lifeboat stations with one of their RIBs on it, maybe you should all go out and buy em as a thank you for this?


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