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Originally Posted by Polwart
Someone asked why the fire service and ambulance service were run nationally not by volunteers - originally they were. ....

Finally JK - this must be one of your hottest topics ever. ..
Yes... but...... the National Fire Service (NFS) was created specifically for War time activities in 1941... when most people were "volunteers" anyway. It was run by the Home Office under the guidance of "military men" and, if I'm right only lasted 'til just after the war. Not really a relavant comparison.

I don't think a period of over 16 months between posts qualifies as "hot"....

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I gave up reading this a long time ago

While certain people whine and moan about the amount of money the RNLI has, maybe they'd like to work out how much they donated themselves in the past year and compare it to the cost of a rescue in French waters.

Support them ALL.

Donate to them ALL when you can.

I do.

If I see an RNLI donation pot all my loose change goes in there (and it can be up to a tenner)

If I see an independant lifeboat pot they get the same.

What price a life?

What price YOUR life...?

F*cking accountants.
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A good way to look at charities is the cost per beneficiary. I read somewhere the RNLI spends around 12,500 per person saved. I just don't know how that compares to other good causes which do the same job of saving a life. Also can anyone guide us on the cost of the independents, or of similar services all around the world (and do their new boats cost 2m apiece?)?

The Charity Blogger provides food for thought in this area, if you're interested in this stuff:
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Interesting link.

But it's just 'one donor's take' as he says. Not necessarily solid research as he makes clear :

'I'm a regular punter in a regular job. I know lots of voluntary sector people and this blog is the result of chats with them, plus what I've picked up from overseas trips and reading the charity press.'

He provides a few interesting links himself tho'

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Local Tv

Us folk from the Isle of Wight have the benefit of our own tv channel... It isn't quite the BBC but it can be amusing to watch when nothing else is on. They had a nice little programme the other night about the local rescue services hosted by local retired tv host Shaw 'keep em peeled' Taylor. It certainly highlighted how expensive it is to keep a small independent rescue station afloat (if you will excuse my pun). I think the independents have done a great job and will divert donations this way from now on.
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Our dive club mixes both, we support Humber rescue as we do some Boathandler training as it also allows us to launch for a very cheap annual fee.

Members who are also subscribers to te RNLI will probably know that that by far the largest chunk of its funding comes from very large legacies. Indeed these can often pay for a complete boat.

Quite how one attracts a legacy donor I'm not sure.
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I can't beleive you are all so selfish and naive

Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler
All very swish, but couldn't savings have been made somewhere?
Attached Thumbnails

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!
I got this far and had to say something, first of all Dirk you should look at your sig line, because you have removed ALL doubt.

As to your pics of the Lifeboat College being very swish and couldn't savings have been made somewhere else. By building their own facility the RNLI have saved over 1million so far as it is no longer having to pay (and be ripped off by) external suppliers for training or accomodation. By using their own facility they are saving a vast amount of the charities money.

now to the other points (this will take a while)

The reason the RNLI has survived so many years on funds raised is because of the way the money has been handled by investing. In 1924 a member of my family left a legacy of 5000, to this day that money is still being used by the RNLI due to the way it was invested, its a smart way to handle funds. How far do you think 5000 would go if you just bought a few sets of kit. Sure its a gamble and sometimes you get burned just like any other major organisation, but think about it they are still here and still have funds.

As to stopping giving money to the RNLI how stupid can you be? As we all know there is talk about the reserves only being able to keep the charity going for about 2 years so if you stop giving we have no service. Unlike most of you think, the main income is from legacy's not from charity boxes, these legacy's are from people long gone, and you people think that buy dropping your change from a cup of tea makes you moraly allowed to rant on here.

My main point, the only rescue service around my area for miles and miles and miles is the RNLI, why on earth would I or any other person want to redirect funds away from an organisation that covers the whole of the UK & Ireland with 233 lifeboat stations. Why do you need an independant at Cowes when you have lifeboats at Lymington, Calshot, Yarmouth, Bembridge, and Portmouth? Or are the rumours I heard about them being setup by people who didnt make it onto an RNLI crew true?

Oh and before you all start saying what does he know being in Scotland, I lived in Southampton & IOW for over 20 years before moving here 4 years ago. My boat was based on the Hamble and I used to Skip a Dive boat around the solent.

My money goes to the RNLI and always will, what good is Hamble rescue services to me in the North Sea? Anyway have these independants not heard of the lottery fund, I know the RNLI doesn't get any money from that but I bet the independants qualify!

I better stop now before I really offend someone.


Where the RNLI lead, others follow!
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You Sir are an idiot

Originally Posted by John Kennett
No, this isn't a wind up -- although it may cause some discussion!

< Edit: Before wading in to "defend" the RNLI please read and digest the whole of this post. They don't need defending, because I'm not attacking them. JK >
I went back and read your post completely over and over again before I decided to wade in and IMHO...
You Sir, are an idiot!

How could you give a title "DON'T support the RNLI" you should have said ... Your independants need some cash, after you give to the RNLI can you give any you have left to the independants.
And where you get the information that the RNLI is well funded if in other posts people talk about the reserves being so low against its running costs.
The way you speak you would think that all 233 stations were fitted out with all the latest gear and gadgets, if that were the case why are there not 233 Tamar class lifeboats on every station?
You talk big but don't really know what you are talking about really do you, it's easy quoting stats from the RNLI website and turning them into spin for your own benefit. But you dont mention that the RNLI running costs are high because its a 24x7 365 day operation. You don't mention that all ALB stations require full time staff ie mechanic. You don't mention the other costs incurred by the RNLI where suppliers rip off the charity because people like you think it can afford it. I get a better discount from marine suppliers than the RNLI does. If the RNLI always get the best gear why do they get issued with Musto instead of Gill.
What about Beach Lifeguards and Sea Safety that all comes out of the ops budget and they are volunteers.
Then you have logistics and spares, how much do you think it costs to 233 stations on service 24x7 with vessels ready to go at a moments notice to be honest I really don't think you have a clue and I think you started this emotive thread in order to expand your ego and not the funds of the independants.

As to the so called 1600 fundraising branches manned by volunteer fundraisers, the average raised at any event I have ever attended has been below 500 so get your calculator out and start counting again.

There were many other ways you could have used this forum to help raise funds for the independant but to call the thread what you did was wrong.
Instead of spouting off you should try organising a fundraising event see how hard it is compared with how much you raise.
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Wow. I hadn't seen this thread till today but have just read it right through. Quite a discussion

Personally I've love to have the reassurance of ANY lifeboat in this neck of the woods (There isn't one. None. Nil. Zilch. No lifeboats. Not even a small one.) whether it was well funded or not.

Folks moaning about the quality of their local lifeboat service ought to be jolly grateful that they've got one, IMHO

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