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Disadvantages to have a rib in a marina


To have a rib in a marina seems to me to be very confortable. It is just to go there, go inside rib, and go on. Not to tow rib, put it in a ramp, etc.

In addition to cost money, is there any more disadvantages to have the rib in a marine (covered), like earlier aging, problems with oxidation, glued jonctions, etc...

Thanks in advance for your comments

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Two main problems spring to mind........

1) UV discolouration of the tubes. (I'm talking about Hypalon ones, dunno about PU). Not a specific marina related problem as it can be avoided using a cover but getting a cover to fit over the tubes (& fastening it down) whilst afloat might be tricky.

2) If your RIB's tubes sit in the water at rest (like mine does) then you will get weed growing on the tubes. You can antifoul the hull but not sure about the tubes!

Only other disadvantage in this country at least is that you then have to buy expensive marina petrol rather than filling up at the superstore on the way to launch!

HTH, Alan.

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Marina vs Trailering

A topic close to my own heart....... one year in the Marina, the next year out
The pros vs the cons : Marina:
No trailering
No launching
No trailer which rusts to buggery
Queues on the slip! People invariably doing their annual maintenance whilst you are in the queue to launch! This drives me nuts.
People who cannot tow a boat = reversing down slips.
Normally no 'holding facility' once launched (pontoon, wall etc)
Retrieval in nasty conditions is not pleasant
Potential for damage on the trailer
Other traffic on the road, might crash into your pride and joy. (as happened with Phoenix of Portsmouth)
Require a proper towing vehicle. This will invariably rust as well if dunked in the water.
All sorts of rules and regulations whilst on the road.
Parking facilities of trailer and vehicle are often a problem once having launched your rib.
Family domestics(you know what I mean) when you ask your wife to help.
Pros of Trailering:
You are often not bound by tides as in a tidal marina.
Have your Rib at home to stare at when bored
You do not collect goaty beard weed all over your hull and possibly tubes.
You can flush the engines and hose the boat down after using your rib
Easy maintenance as you do not have to lug tool-boxes down to the marina as well as a host of other crap.
She is not at the mercy of the elements as in the water(the Rib, that is!)
You can potter on your rib when she is home
You can launch and retrieve almost anywhere where it is safe and allowed.
Cheaper than in a marina - save your money for fuel!
Bad drivers in the marina cannot bump your boat!

There are probably many things to add - this will differ from person to person. Individual circumstances dictate. If you are fortunate enough to have a space at home and are not too far from a slip, I would recommend trailering above a marina berth anytime.
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Me thinks we need more of the pros and cons here. I have experience of both marina and non marina.
Marina: Same old water, same old faces, same old trip. Nearby shop, nearby everything, too many Princess owners plauying hell about wash (role reversal?) sorry Princess others apply but my experience is in area in which sales were obviously good.

Other site: Learn more from launch, tidal lottery until you learn to read tables. Different people. bar room experts alays on watch(for the fool that is).

I have to agree, launch sites any day, that is until I need an overnight berth!

Don't go looking for bad weather, it will find you soon enough!
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I usually keep my rib at home and trailer it and keep my sons Searider in the marina in the summer, but this winter I kept the big rib in the marina for a few months, so I've tried both.
A few more pros and cons:
You are probably much more likely to use the boat more often when its in the marina (providing its close to home) - just walk down, step on and go out. It gets many more short runs this way.
BUT they usually are shorter runs,as when you are trailering you tend to go on more organised (and therefore longer) runs, often with other ribs.
The weed problem is a pain in the marina, and whilst you can get flexible antifouling for the tubes, it is still unsightly compared to clean tubes & hull. (by the way the flexible stuff works quite well - available from Inflatable Boat Supplies Ltd. and others)
BUT if you just drive the boat (fast) regularly, say 2-3 times a week, plus lift it out once a month for a powerhose, then you dont need to bother with antifouling.
STOP PRESS - Johnsons Baby Oil actually works - having liberally brushed the rib and engine with the stuff it is still cleanish after 10 weeks in the marina, plus it powerhoses off so much easier and it is much cheaper than antifouling, although you do have to redo it after each clean.
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How about

keeping the RIB ashore at a marina . I do this at Chichester and it is a lot cheaper than being in the water all the time. No probs with weed growth; overall cover easily put on; handy flush & hose point; large pontoon kept just for slip launchers. OK I'll agree that you do get the odd p***t who wants to hog the slip for maintenance, etc. but a quick word to marina control soon sorts them out .

I chose this options as I do not have room to store the beast at home (so "the management" told me ) and, at the moment do not have a big enough vehicle to legally tow to other launch sites, although she will cope with launch and recovery on the marina slip
Peter (nick, nick) T

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My contribution to the marina debate

Buy a house in a beautiful part of the country where you can launch your boat from the bottom of the garden!

Talking of marina fees (were we?) (Yes we were actually!) (Oh no! Im actually talking to myself inside my computer!!!)

The village next to Hilton of Cadbol (where our house in Scotland is located) is Balintore. It is about 2 miles away, so not far. One of the local fishermen was complaining about the cost of keeping his boat there. 32.00 per YEAR!


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I would say a disadvantage of keeping your RIB in a marina is you don't have the joy of recovering your RIB in a 70MPH wind and 12 knot tide pushing on the side, while you is being smacked against your trailer - Like saturday.

Keeping a RIB in a marina would be to easy.

Baximar where do you live? We have a family apartment in Vilamoura(up for rent if ya fancy it). I was looking at keeping my RIB there as flights are so cheap now. I'm now thinking i'll get a new RIB and keep my YAM out there - best of both worlds.
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Interesting debate because if you look at the Rib Gallery you will see my Humber just put in a marina;my main reason was to get some use as its a bit of a handful to launch alone.My previous boat was a Ribtec Freeway and even though I could launch alone I often didn't bother.

I agree that you are less likely to undertake longer trips but I have a large family so even a short time afloat is better than none.

Anyway the weeks ahead will indicate whether the decision was correct
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Country: Other
Town: Lisbon
Boat name: fliper
Make: SACS (Italy)
Length: 4m +
Engine: Honda 50HP, outboard
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Thanks for your comments.

I live near Lisbon. The marina I am talking about is in Belem.

Vilamoura is a nice place to have a boat. Check the prices because I think that it is expensive to have the rib in the marina, at least in summer.

Petrol price here is the same, in marina or in road: Very expensive everywhere


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