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Delta ribs, any good??

Hi, thinking of buying a Delta 5.5m rib with Mercury 125hp.

I've mainly been looking at Tornado and Humber but this one looks well, it's about a 1994 and the motor is about four years old.

Are Delta any good?

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Most of the enclosed wheel house daughter craft I have seen offshore have been Deltas. Well made boats. I think one of the reps from Delta posts on here.

The other two your looking at are good boats too although production of later Tornadoes was moved to China, make your own mind up about that?

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Is the Pope a Catholic???
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Originally Posted by codprawn View Post
Is the Pope a Catholic???
He may be now,when he was younger........?
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Deltas are very good boats, the Irish Naval Service operates a fair pile of them (exact numbers are needless to say hard to confirm, the Delta rep may be able to say) but they stand up extremely well to the punishment that is metted out to them by the Atlantic Ocean while they are out on patrol.

A good endorsement is that the Irish Naval Service ordered more and is in the process of refurbishing 6 of the original batch.
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what are your criteria for good? e.g. speed, comfort, rough water handling, dry ride, build quality, fuel efficiency, aesthetic styling etc. All boats have to compromise on some of these. If you want the mix that Delta specialise in then they have a good reputation but otherwise you might find something more suited.
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Delta's are great boats esspicialy for rougher weather as far as am aware! Most of the Police Forces use Delta's but with twin engines!
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I'm with Polwart on this, you need to decide what it is you want - its all a compromise, and deciding whats most important,
so general answer, yes Delta's are probably very good, but as with all things, it might have had a hard life, or a really quiet one,
the design features are what will separate those choices out - narrow down what is right for you

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One of the best Ribs on the market if you ask me!!
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most days i'm out cruising its with a delta5.5, ones my brothers and the other is a friend, one has a 90 hp on and the other 115 yam same engine as my own , i've a 5.85 ribcraft and a ribcraft fan, but have to say the delta is great sea boat,the bigger the sea the better, in a following sea i won't be able to keep up with either [big raised noise], there dry and very quick, [tubes don't touch the water] they are very tuff and well made,. down side for me is set up, there narrow, [even the 6.5] so console are usaully single 3 in a row and even with that there is not that much space and no storage ,can be a bit un stable , [thats the tube thing ] and price. there expensive, usually . hope thats some help

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