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Originally Posted by Raygun View Post
So can anyone recommend a good book on fast power boat & rib handling covering the various do's and dont's so that a beginner like me can begin to understand better the various ways that a fast boat can get into trouble?
From what I make out, you seem to be a very sensible chap!
The only advice I can give you is to slowly get used to the handling characteristics of your boat bit by bit. By this I mean get used to it in flat calm conditions, then move onto slight, moderate and so on. And if it looks like its going to be too rough then save it for another day.
The majority of us on here are pleasure boaters so what is the point of doing tight high speed turns other than in an emergency. The thing I'm putting across is if we ease back a little on the throttles we give ourselves more reaction time to deal with and see rogue raves, wash from ships etc.
The only people that need to be taking risks such as tight turns and breakneck speeds are on the competitive circuit.
My advice is, you get more pleasure out of 'pleasure boating' by keeping speeds moderate,
It's also kinder on the wallet and you'll be able to walk the next day.
And finally please please keep the kids aft on anything other than flat calm!

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Originally Posted by Raygun View Post
i'm concerned to know what causes a boat to flip violently and are deeper V hulls more susceptible than slightly shallower hulls? Is a deeper Vee more likely to dig in deep when coming down on a bend and thus more likely to stop the boat sharply flipping the occupants out?
In my opinion deeper Vee and Stepped hulls are more likely to hook but any boat hard or RIB will do it given the wrong circumstances.

Originally Posted by Raygun View Post
Similarly, do deeper Vee hulls give a softer ride through the chop but end up being more likely to flip?

One of the ways that ribs can flip, i understand, is if when turning tightly at speed the weight of the boat rests on the inside tube effectively lifting the hull higher in the water giving it less grip and that feeling of slipping. If you then hit a bit of chop with the inside tube can it then bounce & flip the boat right over the opposite way violently launching the occupants out? Is a deeper Vee more susceptible to that?
Yes deeper Vee hulls do give a softer ride.

The inside tube lifting the hull is a bit of an extreme situation and if you're in that situation you would be somewhere around the limit of the handling of a boat anyway.

Originally Posted by whisper View Post
Basically it's caused by:

Going too fast.

Tight turns at speed if the keel comes out of the water and digs in again.

Chine walking can be another cause.

Going to fast for the conditions or hitting a wave or wake from another boat.

Showing off or not paying attention.

Alcohol !!!!

Put any of the above together with a kill cord that is not working or not worn could mean disaster....
I would add "in a following sea" which would also increase the chances of broaching which is a slow speed hook, more common in displacement boats but still possible.

I wouldn't choose a hull based on deep or shallow Vee for safety but rather to suit your boating, I would then either treat the boat with a lot of respect, get it maintained properly and follow all safety advice, if it still goes wrong then you're very unlucky! If you want to go faster and push the limits in terms of speed or more challenging conditions then get some training

Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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