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It sounds like another beernet night out!

I will find out times etc and possible luanch/meeting points for none locals



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Might seem a bit obvious, but where do the Fireworks get launched from and where will be. I should imgaine my tubes don't like Firework sparks.

Only ask because I had an accident with fireworks once, and I thought it would never happen to me !!!

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on the port side as you enter cowes before the mooring buoys . A barge is used a few hundred yard outside the mooring buoys. Most will used the mooring buoys - if you can get one.

Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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I need to give the Rib a taste of salt water this summer so have got a weeks mooring on the Beaulieu River during Cowes week.
Am planning also to go for the fireworks at Cowes on Fri night 13th and would like to hang out with other Ribs during what seems a dangerous time at night with lots of drunks around.
If anyone's heading back Beaulieu way after the fireworks would appreciate the company getting back as also have never been out at night before.
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I am planning on coming along to the fireworks, going you lauch at Lee on Solent and blast across, unfortunatly I will only be in a 3.6 Avon Sea Sport, so shouls be a bit lively. I will follow this thread down to see where people are meeting up and hopefully see some fellow Ribnetters and put a face to people.
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Cowes Firworks - sanity check

Whilst I applaud the courage of those thinking of spending their first night at sea underway during Cowes Fireworks, How wise an idea actually is it?

I would hate to be thought of as a killjoy but the Solent at night can be confusing enough normally and when one adds the complications of unlit vessels being driven by lots of confused people let alone all the lights from properly lit vessels being driven too fast the risks mount up.

If you do still want to give it a go then give yourself a fighting chance.

First check your own gear and lights and emergency lights (torch), whistle, GPS, VHF and so on.

Then make a really good passage plan - work out how you are going to navigate - following the GPS is not enough, you need calculated tracks with the buoys you are going to pass marked and dangers highlighted.

Rehearse the passage in your mind thinking about each buoy, mark and light you will see.

Then go out and rehearse the passage in daytime, followed by giving it a go on a quiet night. Ideally take an experienced friend in another RIB to follow you and help if it goes wrong.

Do not rely on GPS alone - you need to maintain a good lookout and slow down when things do not seem right, stop if need be and sort it out before proceeding.

There is lots more advice I could offer but an RYA course will teach you even more.

Good luck and enjoy Cowes Week.

All the best
Tom Herman
QHM Portsmouth
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Tom is quite right. The Solent is not the best of places to be in the dark at quiet times not alone cowes fireworkd for those of you who have not had much night navigation. You cant point and shoot at night as their are lots of special marks ie yellow racing buoys which have no navigational purpose and are therefore not lit.

On cowes firework night add about thousand vessells in the solent many of which will be travelling at speed with the crew no doubt being under the influence of alchohol and showing no naviagtional lights.

If you are going to go then prepare a passage plan carefully before you leave then punch the waypoints of the plan into the GPS.

Do come over as it is good fun but be careful.

Simon Hawkins
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Two excellent pieces of advice there chaps,
never underestimate the power of darkness to confuse , even when you have made a plan.

safe journey everyone

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Timw - we'll be heading back in your direction. We can stick together - we always look after our buddies. The Beaulieu River isn't on to get wrong unless you want to spend the night on the sand spit!
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If anyone would like to do some night work prior to Cowes week fireworks just give me a call.

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