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Contributions to RIB International

Back in the summer we launched a new series of articles entitled 'Hobby Horse' written by Robin Hamilton designed to relate the readers views on their boats and equipment. In the August Issue of RIB International on page 66 the invitation was given by Robin as follows:

"I'm interested in anything you want to say. if you want to remain anonymous that's fine by me and if there is a swell of opinion about something then I relish the opportunity to research the matter with great vigour. Think of all of this as that wonderful time when you find yourself leaning on a bar after a lovely day out on the water and we are all there comparing notes. So, grab a drink, relive the experiences and write or email me - I really look forward to hearing from you."

In the following issue, he repeated the invitation:

"I am looking forward to reading what you have to say and perhaps making contact to develop your stories into articles in their own right. So, please get to those keyboards, quills, ballpoint pens or whatever you use and let the dialogue begin."

Only one person has responded to the invitations!

It seems there are plenty of you out there with valid views and opinions and we have encouraged you to send them in, so why haven't you? As already requested, if you have something useful to offer the readers, then send it in!

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Send In Articles

Hugo is right. Its a poor effort that they have had only one reply to this offer. Between us all we must have hundreds of Views and interesting things that we have done throughout the year that we could present to Hugo. Even some of the adventures that have been posted on here would make good articles. The cruise last week to St Malo could be a start.

Thinking caps on and see what we can come up with.


Julian Lyas
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If you're interested I could do a writeup of the BSAC Boat Handling course and the Diver Cox examination. Kind of RYA powerboat level2 with some dive boat stuff thrown in, and would also be kind of written from the view of a younger RIBer.
Probably won't be of much use to you, but if you do want it, then just let me know and I'll write it up, as I've got a bit too much spare time currently.

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As I mentioned before I write for several magic magazines on a casual basis (ie. not a regular column). I also do a number of press releases regarding the mail order (Black Artefacts).

Do what I did (eventually) with RI. If you think you would like to write an article give the editor (in this case Hugo) a call and discuss it with him. You can 'float' your idea with him (oh, what a nautical pun) and discuss photos etc.

This is what you would do when writing for any magazine. If my article is any good and the photos are good, it will get used. If it is rubbish it will be binned. I could do this and have said nothing, thereby saving myself potential embarrassment. However in the spirit of encouragement I mentioned it in the RI poll thread.

As it happens I enjoy writing (youíd never have guessed) so I am happy to have a go. If my article is accepted, then Hugo and I will discuss Ďtermsí. Now THAT will be between me, Hugo and the Inland Revenue.

Keith [[[[ just a few spare brackets to last me whilst away ]]]] Hart
Small boat - BIG truck
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What is the going rate per thousand words + photo? Alan P
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I hoped that one of the big guns on would take you on, but as they havenít I simply canít allow this to pass.

What you are saying to the readership of RI, in effect, is ď If you donít like the current format, ITíS YOUR FAULT. You havenít given me the articles that you want to see in your publication.Ē

Itís like a salesman complaining about poor sales figures because nobodyís phoned up to give him any orders.

Can you imagine Auto Express coming out with barebones copy and this kind of excuse. I think not. Auto Express is ahead of their readership and comes out with exciting & innovative features and reviews, that enthuses the readership and makes them want to go out and try the products under review.

I have already told you under another thread how I think RI could immediately become more relevant, but there has been no comment or acknowledgement that this might even be a possible avenue to explore.

I will toss in another item that you may wish to consider. As well as the Readerís Page which others have suggested, there should be a ďConfessionalĒ where Ribsters can confess to occasions where they got it horribly and amusingly wrong. Iím sure that a monthly prize of £ 100.00 for the best entry (yes £100 ) would solicit a supply of amusing anecdotes from your readership around the country and indeed around the world.

Now that this issue is properly out in the open, I very much hope that I will feel that the publication has improved significantly to justify my renewal.

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Hugo, consider this.

The reason that you have not been inundated with ideas for the "Hobby Horse" feature is because the two articles that have appeared under that title are boring in the extreme.

I'll go further than that and say that after reading the second, as a customer of yours, I felt insulted.

The feature is flagged up as the second in a series of "Readers Experiences". Tosh. It was nothing of the kind. It turned out to be a barely disguised advertorial for Scorpion RIBS.

And if you would like me to substantiate that remark point by point I will be glad to do so.

And, by the way, Hugo, when forum members like Whiteshoes who seldom post, shoot back like that, I suggest that you spend some time considering the point he made. It was dead right.
Mike G
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Sadly I have to agree with both of Whiteshoes posts (on this thread and here ). And restate my point on the other thread.

RIB International is a professional operation run to make a profit. I envy Hugo inasmuch as he has managed to combine hobby and business succesfully when most of us have jobs that are much less fun than mucking around in boats but are a neccessary evil.
As a professional, profit making organisation, RI should be about fulfilling its customers wants. That means being ahead of the game, researching and writing new articles, features, scouring the globe for information of interest and, forgive the expression, being "ahead of the curve". A subscriber or casual purchaser should open each issue and savour the contents, feeling happy that their £3.50 (or whatever) has been well spent.

Asking people what they want to see in the mag is justified. Attempting to justify the paucity of content because the consumers don't contribute is not. And let us not forget this is a bi-monthly magazine so the RI team only have to find sufficient content for 6 issues a year not 12!

I appreciate this all seems a bit personal Hugo and Jo but thems the breaks. When I get negative feedback on the performance of the business I run I have two choices. Take it personally and get upset or improve the performance of my business unit to address the concerns. The former course will ultimately end in unemployment so I choose the latter!

I recommend that you have a look at the forums on the site for Motor Boat and Yotting, PBO etc. There is often very frank feedback on the quality of content, nature of features and closeness of the magazines to their advertisers. Perhaps if a similar mechanism to this forum was available via your own website (which promises much and delivers little) then the perceived harsh critiscm here would not have come as such a surprise.

I would love to return to the fold as a RI subscriber. I would love to read a RIB Magazine that I feel is worth the money. I am not alone. A point worthy of note?!

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From what I have seen of the magazine on the shelf, I chose not to buy it. I have learnt more on this site than a magazine could have given me in 2 years or more.

I say that the £3.50 or so would be much better spent in a donation to the lifeboat every month.

At least here you can escape the commercialisation that we get hounded with, it is more personal (especially when some people get the hump now and again!), and great value. New and interesting postings appear all the time, with the readers / viewers making it work with contributions.

I say that RIBnet has it all for me, good info, good fun, nice interesting peple (well most!), I don't need a magazine thanks.


P.S. I can give you a free story on boat buying horrors !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Flanker
P.S. I can give you a free story on boat buying horrors !!!!!!!!!!!!!
In South Africa we have a cute little animal that looks like a cross between a mongoose and an aardvark! It is called a RATEL - once he gets his teeth stuck into something he NEVER lets go. You virtually have to cut his head off to free whatever his teeth have sunk into.
Give it a rest Flanker

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