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Condensation in Garmin units !

I have several Garmin products & I am having problems with internal condensation.
I am on my second VHF and a second mapping unit both of which also
mist up.
Am I alone or is this a Garmin problem?

Garmin are happy to replace faulty units but there replacements seem to be no better!

Any advise.......


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If its any relief my cycling GPS units do it to (supposed to be water proof ixp7 or what ever they call it) Clears after a hour in the warmth but still not the point

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I'm not sure that I've seen a Garmin VHF that didn't fog up badly in direct sunlight. Shame really, they seem very good otherwise...

* Direct sunlight being in short supply here...
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Our VHF 200i does it, as do the GMIs to a lesser extent
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My old Garmin 3006 plotter used to fog up, would clear itself not long after I took the cover off. I had a new GPSmap 451 that did the same, never bothered me so never thought to return them.

I also had problems with new Mercury Smartcraft gauges and regular ones.
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Common problem. My 3006 also did it. Problem solved by moving to touch screen which has a bonded screen and nowhere for condensation to settle and affect the view. Bear in mind that waterproof is not the same as vapour proof. The Garmins have a small vent hole with a goretex membrane behind to allow for pressure relief when they heat and cool.
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My Garmin 3006 also did this. I had a bit of a moan about it to the guy on the Garmin stand at the boat show and he 'fessed up that it was a known problem that was now sorted. He swapped my unit foc, and the replacement has been fine since.
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Originally Posted by Downhilldai View Post
he 'fessed up
Did you poke him in the eye first?
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Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ Garmin

I'm on my fourth VHF 3x100i 1x200i
Fish finder misted up then the screen went black when it was left on the boat in -10 degrees Celsius.
When I bought the Garmin GPS I stuck some tape over the rear breather whole and its been fine.

I also got hold of an advanced version of silica gel which holds in the moisture and never releases it. I Stuffed it in the 200i which appears to have cured the VHF misting screen problem. A VHF with a misted screen is bloody useless.

Having ranted on Garmin to be fair have been spot on with here customer service and replaced the faulty units.
Is it Friday yet????
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I had a similar problem with my fishfinder and chart plotter. After several calls to Garmin I now keep them both in the airing cupboard, it is always very warm and dry.

The chart plotter did mist up the other day in direct sunlight but not very much and for only a short time. I was able to read the chart all the time.

Silent but deaf-lee
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