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Compulsory licensing and mandatory kill cords with fines for non compliance 130 22.15%
Keep the current unregulated system with an emphasis on education 457 77.85%
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On the subject of compulsory wearing of kill cords, I don't think that would be practical to police. Certainly education and perhaps a fine if your vessel does not have one fitted would be more practical.

However it surprises me that you don't have mandatory licensing for powerboats that can travel over 10 knots ...

In Aus we have had such a system for years, more recently applicants have had to show practical experience (log book) & do a theory / rules exam or do a 1 day theory / practical course before being granted a licence. I certainly don't think this is too arduous, expensive or inconvenient so that people understand the rules of the water, the hazards, safety gear that should be used and some basic boat handling.

When I recently bought my RIB I booked my wife and eldest daughter into a licence course, why because I figured they should at least have the training to know what to do in the event that I was unable to drive the boat and I probably have too many bad habits from years of boating.

NOW what I do find as a complete oxymoron is we don't have a similar system for boats other than power. Any fool can buy a yacht and cause complete havoc on the waterways as they don't legally need any training.

Just my 0.02c worth, and maybe my opinion would be different if I was not used to such laws being in place.

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Sorry I've not read the whole lot above but policing must surely be impossible for this :/
Better to have a basic qualification to pass and then get a discount from insurers. incentive all round then
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Compulsory Licensing

It doesn't matter what regulations are brought in accidents will always happen. The amount of accident in proportion to the amount of on water activity are very low and policing legislation such as wearing a kill cord is nigh on impossible.

It would cost boaters more money for some new legislative department to be set up and possibly be run by a bunch of civil servants with no experience whatsoever of what boating is all about.
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Originally Posted by Cookee View Post
Can anyone confirm a statistic I heard? Training is compulsory in France and yet they have more accidents? If true is that because they have more activity on the water or is it per 100 boaters? Or is it BS?
Hi Cookee

I'm quite convinced that its just scaremongering by people convinced that mandatory training is not required.

I'm reasonably well tuned into the French boating scene as not only do i spend all my time boating over here but the brother in law is also a crewmember for the SNSM.

There is a much bigger maritime police presence on the water over here than in the UK. A lot of French complain about the regulation and random stop-checks by the maritime patrols but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself many defects and issues would we find in the UK if random stop-checks were introduced? We (very) often hear about boats running around with no lifejackets on board, no (or defective) VHF, no flares etc....

A few month ago both myself and fellow member Tonto were involved in quite a spirited discussion on the subject of mandatory regulation. We both spend a very large percentage of the year on the water and can see better than most the issues caused by a lack of training.
Last year i spent the hourly equivalent of roughly 7.5 months non stop in the waters of the Solent and can recount some truly dismal and ignarant boating behaviour. (I've posted pics of some of them).

Although i'm not in favour of a mandatory KC regulation i am and have been for some time now in favour of a mandatory minimum safety certificate which would need to be gained before anyone wishes to own a boat.

I would like to see it administered by the MCGA (Not the RYA) requireing only a day's classroom training but concentrating on basic safety at sea.

Sadly, from where i sit and with my viewpoint of the boating community, i believe we're losing the battle in trying to maintain or promote a safe boating mentality.

"Education not Legislation"?? OK, but i fear that more and more nowadays, people are needing a gently regulatory "nudge" in order to get educated.

C'est pas l'homme qui prend la mer, c'est la mer qui prend l'homme....
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There is still the possibility that he was trainined and was wearing a kill cord. (in some pics of the kill cord i think you can just see a loop?) but the kill cord is no going to work 100% if worn around the wrist which may of happened in Padstow?

I am contacting my local Harbour master to help promote safe boating in there patrols and possibly erect safety signs saying wear your lifejacket and kill cord.

Education is key.
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enforcement won`t work. people still drive without seatbelts, on the phone, drunk, and too fast
education is key but there will always be accidents sadly.

surely the outboard manufacturers can make some kind of annoying "ping" noise to remind people to attach the cord, a bit like a modern car does with a seatbelt.

stickers and signs on consoles, pontoons, slipways would only help too.

i regularly take my rib on the Camel estuary and i know the sailing instructor, it`s all very sad.

i`m disappointed that someone wrote on this forum "more money than sense".
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Originally Posted by simonc2409 View Post
I'm a relative newby and the though of more regulation sickens me. We live in a society where we're told what we can and can't do at every corner and I'm fed up with it.

I'm absolutely in favour of compulsory kill cords, but you've got to educate users to remember to use them. I'm also all in favour of compulsory training. I haven't done my RYA inshore course yet but I will do very soon now I appreciate the need for it but compulsory licensing is a step too far for me.

The big issue has to be education. Why would anybody drive a high powered boat without the kill cord attached? The same reason why thousands of people use their mobile phones while driving. Ignorance and the belief that 'it won't happen to me'.
Realistically, do you think making anything compulsory won't lead to compulsory licencing and more regulation? (I'm never going to say not using a killcord is a good idea btw)
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Hello i dont think we should be made to be licenced its already getting hard enough to get on the water.IM afraid that things like this will make having a boat very elitist and will stop very many people enjoying the water which is what we need to keep boating enjoyable and alive
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Hugh's Law #356: The number of rules and regulations of any organisation can only ever increase. (Corollary to the second law of thermodynamics!)

Has any knee-jerk legislation ever been effective?

In this country it used to b the case that if it isn't specifically prohibited you can do anything you want; it has recently started to change to you can do anything that is specifically permitted.

Regulation diminishes the need for common-sense.

I won't be buying PBR again - or buying from any companies who continue to advertise therein (I'll thumb through it in W H Smith's to find out!)

"All the gear and no idea" anyone?
"Can ye model it? For if ye can, ye understand it, and if ye canna, ye dinna!" - Lord kelvin
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Also I think that all the legislation in the world will not make people were kill cord's.
I have see many skippers leaving it "dangling" just though habbit.
Why don't the manufactures make a styem? ie an actuator that would initiate a warning to start in the event the engine would cut if it went hard over to port and staid there ie out of control boat that has started to circulate?.

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