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Originally Posted by Idrian View Post
You have to consider that a manufacturer has to pay some money for the tests in order to receive a Cat B certificate.
Therefore it is a fact that there are Ribs which are really seaworthy and handle the Cat B sea states with ease but nevertheless are only Cat C labeled.

What I want to say, C or B certificate is not really an indicator for a good or bad Rib.
Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Realy???...Of course it's not definitive,but I'd say a good indicator that a manufacturer has developed a decent product... and One in which they have confidence.
I'm sure Comercial-Government Procurment agency's would not even consider non C.E,Cat tested Marques.
Like I said,some interesting...AND Hopfully INFORMATIVE Drop Tests on You Tube
.................Cant say I know much about Brigg Rib's.
Originally Posted by SPR View Post
iirc - CE only covers pleasure RIBs - eg. Delta RIBS are not CE rated, since they sell only to commercial market ?
Originally Posted by Pikey Dave View Post
You don't legally have to have a cat B rib to cross the channel, the categorisation is more to to with what the builder is selling rather than the use that you put it to, if that makes sense. If you wanted to cross the channel on a lilo you could, technically, sort of, in theory, ish!
Idrian is right - the category is not necessarily the highest cat that the boat would pass if tested, but the toughest standard that the builder was willing to cough up for. That said you do have to ask yourself if the builder wasn't prepared to invest in testing to Cat B what does that tell me about the builder. In some cases it may just mean they are tiny with a bespoke niche of customers who understand the capabilities of the craft far better than a prescriptive written standard. In others it might tell you they will cut corners to get you a boat on the cheap.

SPR is also right the RCD only applies to Recreational vessels so shouldn't be a fundamental requirement for government purchasers (they may well demand much tougher standards).

Pikey is essentially right too - a British Pleasure Vessel (<24m length) does not have any formal rules to comply with for cross channel trips - but it will need to be on the SSR etc. The french don't share our enthusiasm for eccentric adventure though and will not welcome cross channel lilo's! It may pay to understand what the French expect of their own vessels to reduce unwanted delay/argument about their rules not applying to UK boats, especially if launching for Corsica where there will be less UK RIBs visiting.

Finally, Trimix, if you are not sure what safety equipment you should be carrying I suggest you get some training or chat to the RNLI sea safety people. Most of the equipment is likely to be very similar whether in the Solent, the Sound of Jura or Mid Chanel; and regardless of which rib you end up with.
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Cheers Poly, Ive just done my ICC and am halfway through inflating my lilo

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Originally Posted by SPR View Post
iirc - CE only covers pleasure RIBs - eg. Delta RIBS are not CE rated, since they sell only to commercial market ?
Ok...But I'm sure Delta wouldn't turn your Cash away if you wanted a Fairweather Solent Hopper either
Most of the Best Manufacturers make RIB's that'll do Both...Maybe that's a better Criteria
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Delat have to turn your cash away, would be illegal for them to sell for recreational use. Now if you can find a way to make them believe its not recreational use you might be OK. (Boat share devised as a business might work?) But beware that might mean you'd also attract the attention of the MCA as needing to be coded. Can't tell one person its commercial and another its recreational... and not expect grief!

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