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Thank you guys - that's great progress - I intend to see if the BMF is of any use, and I will use the information gathered here to get me going, most of it will be of some use, so thank you and keep it coming.

To give you more information, it will be for the race team, so fuel for vehicles and boat would be the main concern - I appreciate it's the wrong way of looking at it, but if the environmentalists accused me of being environmentaly unfriendly I want to be able to prove them wrong!

Chewy: Converting my vehicle to use what? Biodiesel isn't common in Salcombe, and I don't know what else I could use?

Chris: Diesel guzzling inboards, one of the options is the Yanmar 260hp which is the 3 litre BMW common rail motor so it's quite efficient anyway.

Codders: Do you or anyone know of a list of suppliers of biodiesel, and more importantly which motors you can run them on?

Rupert: Post away, it may help someone else as well - this place is great for accumulated knowledge! It's a race boat not a steam boat!

Thanks Guys!

Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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Cookee, I don't know if this is of any use at all but I'll tell it anyway. My old webhost for my website used to claim Carbon Neutral as for every account opened they donated to have so many trees planted. Could your team do something like that?

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OK, here it is,

but it may well be OT.

• Design visits so that clients gain a greater appreciation and
understanding of local cultures.
• Wherever possible, aim to use locally owned and run hotel and
restaurants in preference to large chains.
• Request regional cuisine and locally sourced ingredients in preference
to “international” food.
• Encourage participation in cultural events, providing money to local
• Visit areas in a responsible and respectful way.
• Encourage clients to act in a responsible way by providing expert
lecturers to explain local historical and cultural issues.
• Discuss objectives and environmental policy with business partners in
the regions visited.
• Consult with conservation experts on the potential environmental
impact of new destinations.
• Avoid visits to area where they feel such tours would have a
detrimental impact on the environmental or social structures of the
• aim to continually improve environmental performance, both with
respect to office practice and in the regions visited.
• Educate staff in the benefits and practice of responsible tourism.
• Support local cultural, educational and conservation projects, through
exchanges or direct financial support.
• Continue to provide financial support for environmental studies and
• Try to increase energy efficiency in their offices and to seek means of
reducing energy use on visits.


They follow a policy of Responsible Tourism and review associated targets on an annual basis. All office staff are invited to contribute to the review in addition to the directors and relevant conservation consultants.

Targets for 2009-2010

• Maintain and extend scheme to support conservation for carbon
purposes, providing funds for the conservation of habitats that lock-in
carbon mass, such as peatland and forests.
• Complete the purchase on behalf of the local community of an area of
• Maximise use of double-sided copying.
• Encourage course directors to use public transport whenever possible
for transfers to airports.
• Increase number of trips utilising rail travel.
• Introduce new database management system to reduce paper-filing
• Ensure all paper from sustainable resources.
• Increase uptake of financial incentive scheme for employees not driving
to work.
• Increase number of, and financial support for, cultural and educational
projects in the regions visited.

Every year they give away over £XXX,XXX (censored) to support educational, cultural and conservation projects in the regions visited, both abroad and in the UK. Projects supported tend to reflect the nature of the places visited.
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I had a similar problem last year with a yacht racing venture - fortunately we ended up with a sponsor who didn't force us down this route but I did some research on Carbon Offsetting and these guys looked promising :

They're used by the likes of Landrover - should keep Codders happy!

It might also be worth talking to the RYA about their 'The Green Blue' initiative...

if you need a hand working out what needs to be offset and by how much then drop me a PM... I spent 2 of the last 3 winters working for the Carbon Trust and have a brother who's an Environmental consultant.

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Regarding the biofuels.


Here is a list of local outfits - you may want to speak to someone bigger though like Shell or BP - may even get a good deal if you stick their logos on your boat.

If the bio diesel is good quality you will be fine. It has better lubrication than normal diesel. There is a small power and economy loss but I have never noticed the difference.

The problem comes when the fuel is of poor quality and they get the ph wrong etc. Buy from a reputable supplier and you will be fine.

Remember as this is a commerical type venture you should get the duty back.
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Country: UK - Wales
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And one other thing - are you aware you can also run a diesel on LPG - people use it as a sort of octane booster in conjuction with bio or normal diesel - just 1 tank of LPG to give it some extra oomph!!!
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Cookee...Land Rover run a carbon offset programme...some details of how it works are on their website. I don't know the detail myself but it involves offsetting carbon emissions of new LR vehicles for the first 45,000 miles.

Give them a'd need to speak to their Sustainability Manager. I'll sure they'll give you some info
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