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Originally Posted by Poly View Post
Or have you considered retooled polythene something like a pioneer multi with its fold down front might be ideal. There are more affordable alternatives but none I am aware of with that ramp. If you search youtube for waly boats you will see the sort of abuse they can survive. There are also examples of mac boats being intentionally driven into rocks somewhere. At the end of the day though you will always have a vulnerable prop sticking out the back.
I would look into this route, I was at Seawork yesterday and looked at both, in particular the drop down bow and massive amount of deck space on the Multi was very impressive.

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Just realised autocorrelation has changed rotomolded to retooled!
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How about:

ceasar inflatables
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Originally Posted by HDAV View Post
Originally Posted by
5.3 Ceasar Maxi

Length - 5.3M
Max HP - 90HP
Max person - 6
Max Weight - 800KG
He says he needs to move 6 people. I was assuming that was 6 plus crew but I may be wrong? Even if its not for a boat that size with 6 on it will be cosy. That boat doesn't strike me as any better for the job than a standard big SIB for rocky shores? But may be faster than a SIB 'at sea' however fast and bouncy doesn't = safe to me.

Originally Posted by Shayter
I need to move 6 people several times daily 10-25km at good speed to places that have no soft landing...hard rock ledge shelfs.
Surprised no-one has mentioned seating? He's talking of moving 6 people at good speed over a fair old distance. If I'd posted up that I was thinking of doing Rib Rides in the UK for 6 people on a SR5.4 because it has a carrying capacity of >6 people so it must be OK, I'd have been destroyed by the forum for the risk of seating on the toobs. Does the collective think its OK to be moving people 25km at sea on the toobs? Or worse on the solid edges of a pioneer?

So Shayter - you may want to describe in a little more detail the Modus Operandi. Is that 6 people (?+crew) who you pick up from a starting point. Do they have gear? You then transport them at speed (what sort of speed were you thinking?) to a rocky shore location and chuck them out. Do you then return empty and collect more and return to the same location? Or do you wait and retrieve? Is it lots of short journeys totalling 25km or a single long trip of 25km? There may be one or two other relevant things like is the SIB/RIB the only route in/out? e.g. Could they be retrieved by road in the event of a problem? Is this a safety boat as well as a means of transportation etc.

Any coding type requirements (e.g. in the UK being more than 3miles from point of depart and / or more than 3 miles from land opens up additional requirements...). Daytime only operations? Good weather only operations?

Sorry I know your interest was the beaching part but I fear you may be getting good advice on boats that will beach safely (rotomoulds and ali hulls) but that this is only half a story as there may be other requirements.
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Talking to the importers of the Pioner there were seating options available, I was looking for use as a patrolling rescue boat, last night we were on duty from 1900-0200 this morning, I'd not have fancied sitting on the edges of a Multi for that time!
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Originally Posted by shayter View Post
Hi there,
I'll try to keep this simple and to the point.
I am looking for thoughts about a boat that we are looking at purchasing for a business venture...without getting too much into the details of the day-to-day; we need a medium sized boat to get men and gear onto rocky shores and rocky beaches.
We have always used SIBS in the past due to the rocky shoreline in the Howe Sound, as I have felt they did this best. We currently have a 14ft SIB with a tiller and in the past we had a 16ft SIB with a nice console system(recently stolen). The beaching advantages of these are clear, however, they suffer in the performance category when comparing to a RIB.
We are now looking at upgrading to a 17-18ft sized boat that would need to move more people and faster and further.
So my question(s) revolves around this...Is there any way to make a RIB able to beach on rocks regularly without causing hull damage? Something more than a simple keel protecting strip? Or should I stick with the SIB format? Will this format (just like the set-up we had before) perform better or worse in the larger size with say a 50hp on it? Is there any way to stiffen stringers and/or transom in a larger SIB?
There's a lot there to consider...thanks for taking the time for reading and thanks in advance for any suggestions or thoughts.

When using our inflateable near jettys we cover them in rubber door mats the ones with multiple holes which allows them to be tie wrapped together to prevent damage you could set up a system you could deploy to cover the hull with buoys & ropes pull under the Boat before beaching any that get damaged can be replaced or doubled up. If set up correctly it could fold up into blocks to sit on or stow easily.

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Even aluminium boats will damage if landing or rocks with a bit of wave action. Is it possible to find a regular landing spot and just clear or at least move rocks to make the area as flat as possible.

If your regulations are anything like ours here (Aus) you may need all sorts of permits to land anywhere you like once you become a commercial business and interfering with any part of the shore line may not be possible.


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