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Originally Posted by Jeff Hutcheon View Post
And me!!
They don't understand Jeff, but at least we know. 24 hr shifts, one weekend off in four, I could go on plus I now have to work until the age of 66

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The UK uses the "International Classification of Diseases" to classify cause of death. I don't know if the US follows international convention, or like so many other areas has defined its own systems. ICD enables cross comparison between countries; on an international basis the number of propellor related deaths clearly hasn't reached the WHO agenda to get its own classification.

You are right not to extrapolate from US to UK statistics. The demographics of boaters, the weather conditions (and therefore tendency for propellors and swimmers to mix) and the power:sail ratio is totally different.

I'd guess 2200 hospital admissions in 6 years makes reasonable sense. That is 300-400 admissions per annum against roughly 15-30 deaths per annum. Given that every head injury or significant hypothermia is likely to get admitted, as will significant hand injuries caused by entrapment in winches then theres not a massive number of unexplained admissions.

I suggest you wait for the MAIB report on the Padstow investigation though. They usually contain a little table highlighting similar incidents they are aware of in recent years and as I said they do seem to hear of most serious incidents.

I'm not suggesting this is not an area for improvement or that we are perfect, but I think there are many other areas of boating safety that might warrant the investment (whether money or time). Google news and the local gossip system now means it is virtually impossible for a local powerboat fatality or serious mutilation story to go unnoticed by RIBnet's several thousand members and I am pleased to say we get relatively few casualties reported and tiny numbers of prop accidents.

Statistics are always dangerous anyway. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow it is irrelevant to ME if I was a 1:100000 chance or less likely to get hit in the UK than Italy. But in terms of nations deciding where to invest limited resources they are a very useful tool.
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Originally Posted by PGIC View Post
I openly admit I am not currently well versed in UK water / medical / death databases. But I know enough from similar databases in the US it usually takes quite a bit of time and study to make sure you are finding exactly what you need.
Pretty easy for the death one as it is effectively a tree - you can chuck out 99% of deaths because they are disease related. You just want trauma which they call external. Then you just drill down and you get what Poly gave you. There may be drownings that are coded differntly depending on the mechanism. But I'd be reasonably confident those numbers are about right for UK boating deaths.

As per the UK paper we cited a couple times earlier, WAter Incident Database (WAID) is the group making progress on trying to bring these statistics together in the UK. They cite a 2005 study of 1997/98 through 2003/04 hospital stay data that indicates about 2200 people were admitted UK hospitals in that era (over about 6 years) from boating related accidents.
So that citation is now 8 years old, using HES data that is 15 years old in some cases. Be very cautious of HES data!

You will have someone who had a heart attack while on a boat in that (as you may in death data) alongside someone who fell and broke an arm that needed pinned. On the basis of that data 1 person per day in the UK us admitted to hospital from a boating incident, and based on Poly's data 1 dies every 3 weeks. Certainly doesn't tell you anything about prop strikes though. I'd expect the majority of those deaths are MOB/Sinking and include commercial activity? [Fishing is the riskiest peace time occupation not through Prop Strikes]
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Originally Posted by kerny View Post
Actually I work very hard for my cash Peter

So does my wife !!

it allows me to spend my money on my toys !!
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Originally Posted by kerny View Post
They don't understand Jeff, but at least we know. 24 hr shifts, one weekend off in four, I could go on plus I now have to work until the age of 66
Long shifts, but on the bright side, it will all be over soon then...
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
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Originally Posted by PGIC View Post
I sell foam and vinyl to prisons to cover weight lifting equipment.
Strength Tech Weightlifting Products

and here is my photo from long ago when i lifted competitively

That is what I sell. I hope that is ok with you. If you would like to buy some, you need to open a prison on this side of the pond because it costs too much to ship it out of the country.

Oh sorry, I'd assumed that you had a commercial interest in some kind of boat or marine related product

PS give my regards to Bubba
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