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Country: UK - England
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Any Ribcraft Owners...

I'm becoming increasing keen on the Ribcraft 4.8 with a 60hp, use would only be family pottering around Poole harbour & Bournemouth bay, the occasion fishing afternoon and a bit speeding about if the water was flat enough so that I dont ruin the remaining functional discs in my spine !!!

Looking at possibly buying new if I cant find a good used one and wondered if there were any owners of the same boat that would be kind enough to give me some feedback on:

a) the boat
b) the company (and experiences with)

Thanks in advance, any feed back is appreciated.

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Country: UK - England
Make: ribcraft
Length: 4m +
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Snap! I had the pleasure of a factory tour when our Sailing Club bought one of the Olympic 585s
That convinced me to get a Ribcraft..... somehow. The build quality was impressive.
Impulse (cheap) EBay purchase a couple of months ago!
Now I have a 4.8 that turned out to be in pretty good nick although some tidying required.
I'm also interested in the views of the Rib Collective!

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I don't own one, but I do use one occasionally (formerly with a Mercury 40, now with a Honda 50) and would like to use it a lot more.

It's always seemed a very capable boat. The most I've handled it in was a nasty, short 6ft swell and it'll cope with that and surf easily. I don't recall getting particularly wet on that day either.

Ours is set up with a single seat, so the internal layouts will probably be different, but we end up with lots of deck space (enough to use as a dinghy racing committee boat with three race officials plus equipment if the need arises).

The only thing I'd change about the boat itself would be the width of the console where my knees want to be. It's quite wide and can get a little uncomfortable after a whole day sat at the helm (six hours of not moving from the seat), but the controls are at a good height for standing up as well.
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I've owned several boats, 3 which were ribs and 2 of these were Ribcraft.
I've owned a 5.45 and currently have a 7.8
For build quality, durability, ride, practicality I have found them excellent.
I nearly bought a brand new 6.4 when I ended up with the nearly new 7.8. I found Ribcraft very professional and helpful to deal with.
Their open trial weekend is also very useful to try boats you might be interested in one after another in the same conditions, very useful.

My only advice would be to go as large as you can (very very rarely have I heard wish I'd bought a smaller boat, but plenty wish they'd bought bigger) that said make sure you can confidently use it safely.

Hope that helps :-)
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Country: UK - Channel Islands
Town: Jersey
Boat name: Archangel
Make: Ribcraft
Length: 6m +
Engine: ETec 225
MMSI: 235063789
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Ribcraft are great boats; I have a Pro 6.8m. They're very accommodating and easy going at the factory - Dorian is a real trooper. I visited twice when I was buying my boat and was made to feel very welcome. As it happens, I'm thinking about down sizing to a 4.8 myself.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Saltash
Make: Ribcraft 4.8 shiny
Length: 4m +
Engine: ETec 60. Very shiny
MMSI: 232017023
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Hi. Brought one new in March
Very impressed with sea handling in a range of seas. Happy to chat thru the buying experience, costs and customer service etc.
if you are south west area happy to give you a try ride.
PM me with your number if you want a chat.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Bristol
Make: Ribcraft
Length: 5m +
Engine: Yamaha
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The RC 4.8 is probably the best sub 5 mtr out there, best with in built fuel tank as stability and handling is increased.
ideally better with a 60 four stroke as the 55 litre fuel tanks have all taken 70 litres to fill. should give you a range 110 miles or more if driven carefully.

I've had a few now and all have have been brilliant, no stress cracks and nothing to go wrong, built like the proverbial!
Many options with regards to specification if new, like hens teeth for a loaded second hand one. maybe best to speak to Jason Purvey for figures etc
Im also looking for one
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Engine: Merc 40 2s Merc 15 2
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I've been looking for a decent seconhand Ribcraft 4.8 for sometime now but I'm in no rush so holding out for the right one to come along

They mostly seem to come with a single console and a 50 hp and I'm looking for double console with a 60 hp, an frame if poss and commercial spec would be good but they are few and far between

Another choice would be a Ribquest 4.8 but I have never seen one for sale second hand
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Town: Gloucester
Boat name: Lunasea
Make: Ribcraft
Length: 5m +
Engine: Suzi 140
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I'm not sure an RC4.8 will meet your needs - seating for a family will be an issue -but that's true of most ribs of that size - fine if only 2-3 of you will be out at any on time, so consider the configuration carefully.

As others have said talk with Jason at Ribcraft & scope out exactly what you want , then see who can provide it.

I went for a 5.3 - very capable boat and one of the smallest that will allow a 2x2 single jockey configuration.

Be careful what you mean by "just pottering about" - that's how Matt H started & look where he ended up
Member of the Macmillan Round the Isle of Wight Club
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Aberdeenshire
Boat name: Sula
Make: Ribcraft 4.8m
Length: 4m +
Engine: Tohatsu 60hp + aux
MMSI: 235087213
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 3,689
I bought a new 4.8m in 2010. It's used in the North Sea and trips to the west coast (Hebrides) once a year, and quite honestly has exceeded my expectations, especially in poor weather.

I couldn't afford Ribcraft's full build, so opted for a basic 4.8m and I rigged it myself. The boat came with a double jockey console. I opted to go for under seat fuel tanks (2 x 25 litres) rather than an under-deck tank as it suited my needs and my budget. That said, the glass-fibre fuel trays are expensive for what they are, but convenient for refuelling.

I also specified additional hypalon wear patches, grab handles and a windscreen. Since I've had it, I've added a bespoke 6' stainless steel light pole (which also houses the Metz antenna), stainless steel navigation lights on the console, usual engine instruments such as a trim gauge, and tachometer and added an auxilliary 4hp engine.

Engine-wise, I wanted a 2-stroke engine. I do my own maintenance, so wanted a no-nonsense approach compared to modern 4-strokes. The engine is a mint 2006 Tohatsu M60C running a standard 15" pitch aluminium propeller. I tweaked the engine to 70hp (uses the same block) and its a true work-horse.

This boat will run fine with 3-4 adults, but for normal use 2-3 up is fun. It's easy to tow, and can be garaged in a domestic garage (unless you opt for Ribcraft's A-frame) which is the dog's danglies.

Ribcraft as a company are okay to fine to deal with. In my opinion they cater for the top-end market where money isn't an option and customers choose a full rigged boat. I like good communication with a build of any sort, so unless Ribcraft have changed dramatically, it will be you doing the chasing, so be warned.

plus points
Capable boat, well built, deep v hull suits most UK sea conditions, easy to launch and retrieve, looks good.

down side
Expensive from new, basic without extras, jockey console limits seating (the temptation to go up to 5.3m is worth investigating), communication could be better.

When I spec'd my boat I also looked at Ribquest, and their 4.8m. I even visited their Sheffield factory, and was impressed with the level of attention and detail. Something to consider.

Any queries - let me know.

Is that with or without VAT?
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