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dont over think it its a bunch of lads on boys day out sharing costs dosn't matter how you approach them on a forum, phone, call round their house its the same thing your doing all the right stuff with clothing/PPE and a safety brief letting them on the helm is ok in the right conditions and your sat at the side of them.if they are happy and your happy go and enjoy yourselves.


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Originally Posted by brucehawsker View Post
The mechanism of publicity seems key in these matters.
the key factors are
1. are you charging more than the true fuel cost? NO.
2. are they actual friends? I'm not sure how you find the friends matters. Given the evolving nature of the internet I think that description is somewhat tenuous. A key difference though is it would be odd to phone a customer up a week/month/year after a commercial trip and suggest going for a pint; that wouldn't be an odd thing to do with a friend.

There are "boat buddy" schemes operating in the sailing world (look in the small ads at the back of PBO etc). I don't think anyone expects them to be coded.

This is WAY under the commercial rates which seem to be £15 an hour for a blast on larger boat with all the helming and crewing done by professionals,
I'm not sure that is relevant in any way. After all other than following an accident the only way anyone is likely to complain is a commercial operator who your are "undercutting".

if anyone can suggest specifics I need to make clear in writing to protect myself, or things I need to do to protect my boat buddies, then I am keen to implement them.
I think the more you formalise it with paperwork the less it looks like friends sharing a bit of boating.
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Surely you get buddies returning after a trip for another trip? I'd imagine once you've been out a few times you will find a bunch of buddies who would like to go out on a semi regular basis? Once that group is established then the buddies can then be classed as friends in the true sense as it's not a one off arrangement it maybe not the same group every time but I'd imagine you'd soon establish a group of people who you can call friends and either ring or email to see who fancies a trip out. In time you would probably find you rely less on adds and more on real friends who share your hobby
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Semi-off-topic comment here: In the US, the rules are that, for a recreational skipper, the "gratuities" can't be a condition of boarding.

In other words, it's fine if I take out a couple of people, and they toss me a few hundred dollars as a thank you.

I can't say "Sure I'll take you out if you pay for gas" or "You can come if you bring lunch." Any requirement of compensation to board the boat constitutes commercial enterprise, and requires certification to match.

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Is gratuity the word used in law? Over here a gratuity would generally be a tip. And tips are generally entirely optional. By that I mean I might pay £30 to go for a buzz around the bay on someone's commercial rib, bit I may* decide they gave such good service I will tip them. Tips on the UK are generally less than the other side of the pond and also less frequent and certainly for things like this not expected.

So what I'm getting at is if a 'mate' took me out on his boat and I number him a fiver ( 😉 ) for fuel when we get ashore I wouldn't expect that to be classed as a gratuity if he spent £10 on fuel and just two of us were out. Whereas if he said it cost £5 for my share of the fuel but I gave him a tenner and said keep the change, I'd expect the extra £5 (could) be classed as a gratuity.

How does it work in the states for car sharing? If you pre agree to pay fuel costs does that make it a commercial car journey?

*Anyone who has met me also knows I'm tighter than a cross bred Scotsman and Yorkshireman... so perhaps may is too strong a word.
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In the UK car sharing is likely to fall under the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981.Section 4 of the act says:
"(4) For the purposes of this section a journey made by a vehicle in the course of which one or more passengers are carried at separate fares shall not be treated as made in the course of a business of carrying passengers if—

(a)the fare or aggregate of the fares paid in respect of the journey does not exceed the amount of the running costs of the vehicle for the journey; and

(b)the arrangements for the payment of fares by the passenger or passengers so carried were made before the journey began;

and for the purposes of paragraph (a) above the running costs of a vehicle for a journey shall be taken to include an appropriate amount in respect of depreciation and general wear."
Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981

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