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Loch Ness
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i also disagree windchill. Ive got a non rib sportsboat fully laiden @ about 1700-2000kg with trailer. i do need to get my car wet, not that i enjoy it but even though its a rollercoaster trailer my stepped hull gets stuck on the rollers at certain tides, i also always launch with someone in the rangerover now as once i was so determined to get unstuck from the step i dragged the whole rig 3ft into the water. Simple answer is go deeper then she floats. Unfortunately not everyones boat and trailer combination is perfect on every slip on every tide all the time.

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Country: UK - England
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Boat name: Falcon1
Make: Falcon
Length: 6m +
Engine: 115 hp Mariner Four
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Originally posted by chrisallse
Thats the way to do it! (sorry about the legs)
Lovely pictures....... Cute legs too
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Thanks for all the feedback. I must say the portable winch idea sounds interesting. Given that I'll be sticking with my 2WD for a few more years (new RIB has blown my budget!) a winch seems a sensible backup for those nasty slipways.

Anyone else had experience of these winches? Slotting it onto the towbar is great, can it connect up to the trailer electric point on the car? Seems a logical thing to connect a 12v winch to an existing socket sitting right by the towbar with 12v on its pins.
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The one I have seen had long-ish cables to connect directly to battery. Suspect you will blow fuses of fry wiring if you connect it to the trailer lighting socket. The current demands are probably dissimilar!
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You need to buy a special harness which is about 30. This runs from your battery on the car and has a quick connect plug that ends in the boot. You simply hang the winch on the towbar, open the boot and connect the cables.

You then take it out of gear and pull the steel cable of the winch and connect it to your trailer. There is a remote control that has about 3m of cable. You simply put it in gear ( the winch that is ), select forward or reverse and push the button.

It is effortless. I have pulled my trailer/boat out of sand where I cannot even see the wheels, up steep slipways and out of mud. The winch I have is capable of pulling nearly 4 times the combines weight of the boat, trailer and engine.

I always chock the back wheels of the car and put the handbrake on.

Have a look on , they have a variety of winches for all sorts of needs and at varying prices. You can also buy the towbar adapter and additional wiring harness from there. Mine was just over 300 with everything but it has been well worth it.
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Can never see why anyone put their car in the water though, absolutely unnecessary if your ri is set up well and correctly balanced on its trailer

Is it possible to re-set a rib on its trailer and how? The reason I ask is mine has never just rolled off , I've always had to either float off or power off ( brand new road roller trailer & rib). When I queried this with the supplier I was informed this was the case with some rib set ups. I was under the impression that the idea of a roller trailer was to do just that - roll off !
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Could have something to do with the number of rollers on your trailer.

Fewer rollers = harder to roll.

Lots of rollers = very easy to roll.

When the boat is on the trailer are all the roller sets at right angles to the keel? If not then they could be binding on the hull.
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Launching ya boat

I`ve got a 130hp diesel VW golf (front wheel drive) and struggle launching on most slipways with 1200kg on the back. It not lack of power its lack of grip that catches me out.

Remeber as with most things 'keep it simple stupid'! (K.I.S.S.)

The flawless system for me appears to be a length of rope with the car on the flat and a pull.

Normally there are no problems. Its a good idea to have line of sight, windows down and no loud stereo. Failing that get a person to relay any instructions between the driver and the guide.

You need someone to guide the boat with the jocky wheel and if the balance is not right they can jump on the drawbar to stop damage to the engine. If your trailer is not set up properly then you might have this proplem.

I`d tried all sort of heath robinson jobs and expensive whinches but none worked. (I could not find the battery under the bonnet - its a sea of black plastic)

Hope this helps

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Make sure the rope is up to this if you have anyone near the boat. I saw one snap and the recoil was savage, anyone in the way would have had it! I dont understand why the boat/trailer should rear up and therefore need someone to jump on to keep it down. I rope mine off a sandy beach even though I have a Discovery as the whole lot can bog down in the dry sand. I always keep folk well back from the rope but do use a guide to keep an eye on what is going on and who can tell (shout) me to stop if things look dodgy. For goodness sake...mind that rope...

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