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That is the weight of my g/f. No problem picking her up and throwing her around

Personally I would probably just set the boat up at the back of the car and pull the motor from the back of the car, and set it directly onto the boat. Otherwise your best bet is to get a trolley and slide it in and out of the vehicle. Then find a way to tilt the trolley, dropping the engine onto the transom. You could sew up some straps from 1" webbing to help carry the engine. Some 3/4" heater hose would make a decent handle.

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Dear Peter, Thank you.
That is my plan.
Have the engine on a trolley. Slide the trolley (with the engine on it) in the car. When i get to the beach, I first set up the boat, then slide the engine out of the car and load the engine on the transom by tilting the trolley.
The boat would have transom wheels and then I push both boat and engine (on board to the sea).
How about this of a plan? Or am I being too optimistic about this in view of the 47 kgs Honda 20BF engine load?
Thank you.

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That sounds like a plan.
Just be mindful that 4 stroke engines are very particular with regards to how they are transported due to them carrying oil inside.
My two 4 stroke engines have notices stuck on them stating that they should only be transported tiller side down.
And further notices in the manual warning against letting the horizontal height of the propellor exceed the horizontal height of the engine.
If any of the aforementioned happen, it could get messy, oily and smokey!
I personally wheel my 52kg tohatsu 20hp from the garage to the car on its trolley.
Lift it from the trolley into the boot and lay it tiller side down on top of two pillows.
I then unhitched the trailered sib and turn the trailer around so that the transom of the Sib is nice and close to the car boot.
I then lift engine on and pray that my back doesn't give out.
Re-attach the trailer and launch.
Engine stays on the transom until I am going home.
Therefore the trolley stays at home also until I wheel the engine back into the garage.
This system works best for me.
Good luck.
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Hi, I guess the real question is, how old are you and how strong, I'm 51 in my younger days I could just about lift my 2 smoke 40 hp yam on and off my Shetland boat, now I'm maxed out with a 3,2 honwave and 6hp Suzuki , it always comes down to weight v fun, I can deploy from boot to water in 15 minutes, if I was lugging a heavy motor around I'm not sure I would use the sib as often, also chucking a heavy outboard into a boot is difficult to do without damaging it,
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Mickhitchuk mentions a very valid point.
It definetly is a bitch trying to lift engine into car boot on your own.
They are very awkward with all the weight concentrated in the top.
If solo you need to tilt engine raising the propellor up towards the horizontal to clear the lip of the car boot.
This puts a lot of strain on your back etc.
I'm 18.5 stone 6ft 3inches and pretty strong.
I don't relish wrestling the 53kg tohatsu though.
If you have a helper it's a lot easier.
If they lift the propeller up and take the strain of you back the operation is a lot easier.
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Originally Posted by Alexo View Post
I see. Noted. Thank you beerbelly for clarifying this.

Get a 2stroke better power to weight ratio the way to go.Put the engine on the transom and get some bow wheels.
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- Rooteq folding trolley is not recommended for 20hp 4 stroke engines because of weight distribution (head is heavy, leg is lighter). I use one, but I had to modify it. There's a post about this in the forum.
- Try putting it in vertical position, tied to the back of the front seat. You lose a rear seat, but it's easier to manage.
- Putting an engine inside the boot is much easier than taking it out...
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I was putting mane on the back seat of our freelander as the boot was full of dog which was ok until I badly scored the leather on the seat pulling it out so I then put one of them thick rubber boot liners of ebay on the seat to protect it just a suggestion if your fussy about your cars interior. it also made getting it out easier as I just pulled the rubber mat until the outboard was nearly out
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I concur with the rubber mat. I've got one and it makes sliding and dragging outboard in and out of the boot a lit easier!
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Honwave 3.8 and Tohatsu 20hp

I have a Honwave 3.8 and a tohatsu 20hp 4 stroke. I carry mine in the back of my Grand Picasso,I have just taken early retirement so am not a spring chicken and find I can lift the motor no problem but getting the leg high enough to get it in is hard even though I can lower the back of the car 6" (air suspension).

I do use my home made launch wheels sometimes but found the whole rig is very heavy to move over sand

I have a Yamaha folding outboard trolley which is great on a hard surface but would not consider taking on sand.

It can also be a bit of a struggle getting it on the transom - getting the bracket at the right angle ect..

I have managed everything on my own but feel much happier when my wife helps me.

The problem to me is not the weight but the fact it is very very top heavy so if it started to tip I doubt it could be stopped.

Having written this it seems a bit down but when its all together on the water its great. I did have a 15hp 2 stroke that had plenty of power but was noisy and smelly and not very green the 4 stroke is far better.

Sorry its a bit garbled but hope it helps, if you need more info please ask.


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