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Country: USA
Length: 3m +
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I use an Epropulsion Navy 6.0 (10 HP equivalent) electric outboard on my 3.1m Zodiac Cadet Aero SIB. I think Epropulsion has much more compelling offerings than Torqeedo, FWIW. I bought a 7.2 kWh 48V lithium pack from GTK (via AliExpress) that weighs only 28kg, and cost less than the motor. It has the same Farasis NMC cells as the new Zero electric motorcycles.

This combo can keep me on plane for roughly two hours (at ~10 knots), which is plenty for how we use the boat. Top speed is ~14 knots on this boat with ~250 lbs of people and gear aboard, but would be much faster with a RIB. Here's a video:

Unless you need hours of run time on plane, I think electric is finally a viable option for small outboards. Like you, I had no desire to deal with fuel/oil/fumes/noise/maintenance, etc.

I do wish we had the F-RIB 330 instead of this boat; air floors are a PITA at planing speeds. You have to add air to the keel and floor on the water when the water is cold, or planing stability goes to heck (terrifying!). So you are on the right track with the F-RIB! Although 10 HP is probably a bit low for the F-RIB 360, but I don't have firsthand experience. The Maxi Marine Lifters are a good option to get underpowered inflatables on plane:

I have some, but haven't tried them yet (trying to figure out how to fit both lifters and launch wheels on the transom).

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Country: UK - England
Make: Mercury
Length: 4m +
Engine: 40hp outboard
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I've previously owned a FRIB360 with a 4stroke 20hp for 3 years which performed remarkably well. As I recall the max speed was 28 knots in a slight chop with 150kg loading, me, fuel and equipment.
Hope that helps with your calculations.

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Country: USA
Town: Brooklyn NY
Boat name: Lil Red Corvette
Make: Saturn 365
Length: 3m +
Engine: Outbd Zuki 20EFI
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Wow, Feeling a lil less crazy now. Just kidding. There are a few of us apartment boaters in NYC/ NY area. For a little while I had a club going ... 8 boaters with SIBS. All but one of us were apartment dwellers or lived in an apartment in someone else's house. I am in a one bedroom in Bklyn. Not sure how to embed videos but if you look up Jamaica bay inflatable club or Slim Dune postings you'll see some of our videos. Unfortunately pretty much everyone else moved. I still go out solo and I still have a boat. Just replaced my Saturn a couple months ago.. Old one was getting beat up. Lol. I have a 20 hp Suzuki that lives in a closet 7-8 months out of the year. No fuel smile and if so it dissipates really soon. The zuki is clean burn, doesn't use oil mix (the 2 stroke Johnson I had would smell for a couple of days). I'm in a one bedroom with quite a few closets so I dedicated one to boating gear. I leave the gas tank down in the garage or in the back of the truck. That's the most likely culprit for any fumes with that specific engine. I don't, but if you ran the ngine dry or drained the storage chamber and threw some water over it Im sure by the time you got home there would be no smell at all.

The point of all that is to say if you are planning to do this for a while, get the gas motor. You will be happier long run. Not sure if you are planning to just cruise but if you envision any fishing you meed to be able to get around and if you get in the sound.. you need to be able to boogie if the weather changes. Ask me how I know.

I tend to stay in the bays but even then you may need to cover a lot of ground against tides, etc. I just wouldn't feel very comfortable in an electric.. and I considered it. I also really considered the F-rib and I hope you post some videos when you get to use it. At the time it was ever so slightly less practical for me and cost a fair bit more than the Saturn. That said im always chasing those last few MPH and that hull could make a difference.. and i'm somewhat easily swayed. lol

If i can figure out the embedding ill add a video.

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