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Welcome back chaps!

Congratulations Keith on the SIB crossing of the Pentland Firth and Brian, well done on finally completing your circumnavigation without breaking any limbs this time! (I assume )

I look forward to reading/ hearing more about it. (I get back from Newfoundland next week) Been having my own SIB adventure here. Pics to follow!


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(This is the real Brian now).

I am going, reluctantly, to limit myself to just two points, in order not to pre-empt what Keith is writing.

I want to thank all those that came with us on this trip and especially:
Alex Brown of Milford who helped us enormously at M. Haven.
Dave Simpson, the professional fisherman at John O'Groats, who gave us detailed local knowledge about tide times and currents in the Firth
Sam Harcus of Westray Island who not only took us to our digs but then lent us his car for the rest of the day to sightsee
And Ian MacLeod and family at Kirkwall who put us with us for three days until the 45knot winds subsided enough to let us put out to sea again.

Finally as small anecdote.
Midway through Keith's sibing across the Firth, he suddenly stopped the boat next to a bouy. He switched off his engine and removed his helmet. Magellan Alpha and Cyanide rushed over to him, wondering what could have gone wrong, just in time to hear Keith say:
"Site of...........HMS Royal Oak.......sunk........Kapitain Gunther Priam.........U237............".
Yes, you've guessed it, Keith had stopped midway just to give us ANOTHER Orkney Factoid!
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Hi Folks

Well we are back home in Birmingham now and there is a LOT to write up. So please be patient.

However - the rag and stick brigade incident.

Cyanide moored after the voyage and yours truly went off to get a trolley for all our kit. On the way I passed a couple of large racing yachts moored on the pontoon. There wera about 20 or so crew lolling about doing nothing and there was a large amount of kit lying on the pontoon. I picked my way through it.

On the way back I had the trolley and as I approached no one made any effort to move anything out of the way. Now I always begin by being polite!

"Excuse me please" I said. No one moved or paid me any attention. "excuse me" I repeated. Still they just sat talking. "Well I guess I'll just move it myself" I said and kicked their kit out of the way.

They looked at me as though I was a galley slave who had just spoken rudely to his master. I carried on back to Cyanide.

We loaded the trolley and set off back.

Guess what? Yes, kit and prats were still there in the way. Now you must bear in mind that I had tried to be polite twice - and you're talking about a man who has crossed 'The Pentland Firth' in a SIB here, not some nancy boy who has just raced around Torbay.

"Excuse us" I said loudly. No one moved.

Right that way it. Feet flailing I proceeded to kick kit and sundry items out of the way. I dragged the trolley right over their precious sails which were lying on the pontoon. They got the message.

"Alright, alright we'll move" the berk sat on the pontoon said, "two grands worth of sail there you know."

"Pitty you haven't got any manners to go with it" I said to him as I continued to trample over his kit.

They all just sat there staring in horror and shock, I don't think they could cope with the lower classes telling them off.

Perhaps next time they'll think twice about leaving their kit all over the pontoon.

Keith ( xtreem sibber) Hart
Small boat - BIG truck
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Nice one Keith, training for the next time you see a jumped up fisherman eh?

Can't wait for the rest of the writeup and hopefully some pictures!
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Keith...well done "old" boy...

Though I'm a bit dismayed that "big" john made the journey without a "SIB", I'm thrilled to see you complete the campaign, and set course thru the "rag tag" crew at the end of the journey, (they seemed to have fair warning). I do hope you plan to have a second event, I'll try to make it (escort included)!...
All the best for your future endeavors!...cheers
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Well done once again everyone. David and i were quite upset not to be joining you, i hope we are forgiven guys and will be invited on the next.

Brian (and crew)

Did you really come from Lowerstoft to Brighton on Monday? I had a somewhat cut-short outing on Monday off Ramsgate and the seas were really, really big. So big in fact i've joined the Mag.Alpha and Charles club... can you guess what (photo to follow... watch this space!).

The worst bit is i was not in my boat (grayswish).
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Hi Keith,

Just spent a very pleasureable time reading through your article on the 'Great SIB Expedition' in RIB International. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your escapade and for those new to RIBnet, it really is worth reading through this thread and getting hold of the latest issue of RIB Int magazine.

BTW, when and where is the next one happening, Keith?
Scorpion RIB Group on Facebook
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Could not agree with you more, Louise, an excellant article.

But pray tell me, who is that handsome, good looking seadog on the extreme left hand-side of the group photograph on page 40?
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Is that the chap who had too much breakfast and couldn't get his drysuit zip to close?

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