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Originally Posted by Pikey Dave View Post
Leaf spring!! You'll be telling us you still buy petrol.. sorry gas, in gallons next Most of our trailers have solid beam axles fixed directly to the chassis (you can see this in the photos) the independant suspension units are in the end of the axles, so lifting the chassis lifts the axles & wheels in one go. It's easier to lift under the chassis rather than scrabbling about under the trailer trying to get a jack under the axle(s) IMHO it's also more stable.
Uhuh and I've seen a few pics of your torsion axles with the bushing all worn out

Most boat trailers over here are using leaf springs, cheap and easy to replace. And you can see their condition easily. You can buy the torsion axles, but they are more expensive and its a boat trailer afterall. Their added cost is not worth it to most.

And besides you still have the problem when you jack the frame that the wheel drops on the suspension and drags on the ground. Maybe not on your perfectly flat driveway. But along the side of the road its easier and perfectly adequate to jack the axle so you know exactly how high the wheel will get and stay that way.

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Originally Posted by captnjack View Post
And besides you still have the problem when you jack the frame that the wheel drops on the suspension and drags on the ground.
Jack (pun intended), that's the point, in effect there is no axle. The chassis & axle are effectively one unit. Jacking the chassis, jacks the axle. If you look at the photos, there isn't anywhere to jack up the wheel. When you lift the trailer, the wheel sag is minimal, due to the nature of the suspension. The only bit that moves in relation to the chassis is the small swinging arm between the end of the axle & the hub. With a wheel mounted, its virtually impossible to get a jack under there & if you could it would be very unstable. If you lower the jockey wheel (or vehicle suspension) block up under the rear of the chassis, raise the jockey wheel/suspension, you can virtually get the wheels off the ground without using a jack, be it on a drive, roadside, or field.
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