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The LOW box is not neccessary at most times, But it good to use to keep the strain off the clutch etc..........

Autos are v good for towing work, pulling from slips, tralers through sites etc, but high fuel economy and the tendicy to want to over heat, the second you thrash them, with either a heavy load on motorway or trailer that is stuck... its a pain in the ass..... Landrover do one of the best towing autoboxes..... Japs dont.

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Country: UK - England
Town: Bristol
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I Use a Vauxhall Frontera.

First was a 2.0l 3 Door petrol,
2nd was 2.2L 5 door petrol
Now is 2.2 Turbo Diesel.

Build quality is not the best in the world, niggly things like lens covers on courtesy lamp comes off. Reliability has been good.

4 wheel drive is selectable as is high/low ratio


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Had 2 Discos both ok but quality poor very good offroad in mud sand but slow on road .Then had midlife crisis(50) and bought Subaru Turbo forrester 200hp upgrade etc.
I kept it 3 months and traded for Isuzu Trooper Why ? beacuse if I had kept the Subaru I would have died !or lsot my licence 130 mph with no trouble and handling to match very heavy on gas and no low box coupled with low profile tyres not much good on slipway etc .Trooper is fantastic very quiet and superb towing with auto box and shift on move 4x4 makes it ideal . Also good top speed in excess of 100 mph all day in France makes it great for winter holidays !Yes I know about the speed limits ! We live in a nanny state .
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Automatic Disco, tow anything legal or not. Wavehumper don't even think about it. You need an HGV to move that thing.

The auto box and low range are brilliant on the slip even with 2 tonnes of Pacific 22.

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Country: UK
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Make: Hurricane 640
Length: 6.7
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I much prefer to get my boat towed around with another Rib - it saves my fuel. Only last weekend I called up Cstart because I was running low - told them I had water in the fuel, they towed me home all the way back to Portsmouth from the Needles. They are great sports well worth the membership.
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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Won't get Fooled Again
Make: Ribtec
Length: 6.5
Engine: Honda 130
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mmmmm Trooper

mmm Landy

mmmm Disco

Theres no bad advice here, Jasper and I have an old one of each between us and I think they are all good buy Diesel as petrol engines are uneconomical.

The Trooper engine is truly excellent and they are very well equipped. It is worth noting that Troopers were voted Caravan Club Tow vehicle of the year for many years and a lot of them have not been near the water. That is a real advantage.

The Troper and I towed the Camel boat (2 tons plus) more than 2800 miles in 10 days and she never missed a beat. J reg £2700 18 months ago

I have a really old 110 C reg and that's a lovely truck to drive (if you can handle Double declutching and no power steering) and tows really well but slowly again very reliable and very solidly built. Engine is not as strong as Trooper though and the finish is agricultural but that kinda suits me.

K reg Disco, I bought Pete 7's old Disco off him which was a superb well maintained immaculte bargain great truck don't use the others anymore.

Having said that I havent seen a Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota, Landrover or Mitsubushi that I didn't like especially the Pickups

Ideal two car situation Old Trooper and New Elise (I Wish) yummy

I understand that Pajero bonnets crumple quite easily if you run into the back of something, anybody on the Forum know if that's true?

Isuzu are 40% owned by GM who own 100% of Vauxhall who rebadge the Trooper as a Monterey and the parts are a lot cheaper in a Vauxhall dealers than an Isuzu dealers
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Originally posted by THEWAVEHUMPER

Isuzu are 40% owned by GM who own 100% of Vauxhall who rebadge the Trooper as a Monterey and the parts are a lot cheaper in a Vauxhall dealers than an Isuzu dealers
That was true. Vauxhall did sell the rebadged Trooper as a Monterey but havent done for a while AFAIK. So parts for older Troopers / Montereys may be interchangeable but not for newer ones. (post 98 I think). Also, Isuzu are no longer making the Trooper so no more new ones according to my local dealer. (They do do a utilitarion 4x4 pickup). Dont get me wrong, I like my Trooper a great deal. Its very comfortable, capable and will stonk along the motorway all day at above the legal limit (alledgedly).

To get back to the original question I think Budget is the a key piece of info. We may be recommending an old Trooper when what you really need is a £75k Range Rover!!
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I bought a G reg Daihatsu Fourtrak 2.8TD for towing the boat. Bit of an old plodder but the price was good.

Wouldn't like to go long distances in it though - too slow and with leaf springs all round, very lively but pulls like a train.
Peter (nick, nick) T

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! Bullshit and brilliance only come with age and experience.
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I've got a Pajero 2.5TD auto. Best tow car I've had, never even had to use any of the ratios or diff locks for RIB recovery yet. 2500kg tow capacity. Got a mate that tows a 25 foot bayliner with his ,no probs. Don't know anything about bonnets crumpling though stuart? Pajero much the same as a shogun but a bit more chrome and a few more extras. However Both trucks are great. Used to use a cavalier V6 (200hp FWD) just wheel span all the time and I couldn't see round the boat without extension mirrors. Don't need any bolt on caravan specials for the pajero, plenty of rear visibilty all round. Quite fancy a BMW X5 or Range Rover HSE though!!!!
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Well, as this tread started about freebies and 6m boats

I tow my Ribcraft 5.85 on a rather large 4- wheel trailer and have no problems at all.

OK it is a V6 Automatic which would solve the "cluch burning" syndrome - but it does tow the boat up slipways remarkably well - I've never had any problems, and I've used some steep and slippy slips that you can hardly walk on without falling over

On the road again excellent - set the cruise control to 60 MPH (or other suitable speed ) and off you go .... no problem at all.

The auto gearbox is fantastic, it auto senses that you are towing and goes into a special "Tow Mode", don't ask me how, I just know it works very well. You can also use the box as a 5-speed steptronic box and select your own gears, but I only find I need to use this when decending steep hills for engine breaking.

OK so its a bit thirsty on the juice, so I had mine converted to LPG which makes it cheaper to run than my last diesel Freebie

I would definately go for one again.... but the V6 isn't on our car list at work However the Defender 90 is. Now that must be the ultimate tow car - but what about driving it for the rest of the week?

Now all I need is the promotion to get the fully expensed 90..... If pigs could fly

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