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Absolutely correct. FWD Passat. Keep them on the front. You get my drift (no pun intended) though. Still think it's best to roll over them even if you don't need to. But agree that you don't strictly need to nowadays.

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£20/set in LIDL at the moment. Haven't seen them, so may be rubbish.

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Modern fiction tyres has very good grip, and they are often even less noisy than normal "summer " tyres so they are a good option as they are comfortable to drive also in good dry conditions.

If You choose chains, would strongly suggest to attach them on all 4 wheels, never mind having a front, rear or 4W drive....You really don't want to be in a situation where you have grip on on axle but not on another.
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If the Passat has standard fit Continentals, they are actually better winter tyres than most cheap winter tyres so I was told by a tyre company who told me not to bother buying winter tyres for our Passat as they were no better than what we already had. Its not as if they were trying to flog us expensive winter tyres as they had no expensive ones in stock until the following season.

We live on a very steep hill, 100-200m to our house. I once considered chains/sock for the couple days a year where road was snow covered, but decided that having to take them off at the bottom was more a problem than not being able to use car for half a day before we cleared the road. Only once has car failed to make it up the road which was yesterday, couple of hours after parents had compacted snow into ice at bottom making it impossible to get enough speed up to get up the hill.
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If you are going the chain route, make sure you buy ones that have a diamond pattern to them once fitted, rsther than the old ladder type. The ladders offer very little lateral grip and will shake the car to pieces.
The term "Snow chains" is a little misleading in my opinion,what they actually do is give you some grip on the ice under the snow, similar to Crampons.
I sell Pewag chains that are one of the best quality makes around, The quick fit type come in pairs and usually cost iro £100, depending on size. You need to check your handbook to see if they can be fitted on your car, some vehicles don't have sufficient clearance around the back of the wheels around the suspension and brake pipes etc. personally I prefer all 4 wheels to be chained for lateral grip on corners and where the surface has a runoff.
Decent skinny tyres with an open grip do well on fresh snow . I run BF Goodrich All terrains on my own vehicles and they are exceptional in snow.
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Originally Posted by AMac View Post
Get the low profile tyres off the car and fit winter tyres

Just get a set of winter tyres and steel wheels and get them fitted in November and removed in April
mmm... the OP is based in Gloucestershire, I am guessing that in a typical year there are less that 4 days a year when there is any snow lying on the roads in question... and realistically probably only one or two where it is "impassible" in a car with a little care and skill on standard tyres.

Originally Posted by gtb View Post
Get yourself some snow socks for the car.
for the OP's use snow socks would be a good choice.

Originally Posted by TomKat View Post
be careful as some insurance companies are a bit funny about chains.
Really? which ones? or is it just internet rumour? I've heard it suggested that some insurers might consider winter tyres on steel wheels a "modification" although I've never heard an insurer actually say that or heard of any claim being rejected.

Originally Posted by SPR View Post
I bought tin of this last year - but no tested since living in Scotland we don't get much snow !

Winter Tyre Grip
I thought these were only for short distances (hundred meters not 2 miles?) although I don't see any mention of that on their site so I may be wrong.

Originally Posted by mister p View Post
Absolutely correct. FWD Passat. Keep them on the front. You get my drift (no pun intended) though. Still think it's best to roll over them even if you don't need to. But agree that you don't strictly need to nowadays.
No we don't get your drift, cos you were talking nonsense. I've also tested "driving into" my modern chains - and its a recipe for a tangled mess... much easier to follow the fitting instructions provided.

Personally I have had snow chains for a few years, they are a PITA because you can only use them on snow covered roads not tarmac. Usually its less than a mile you need to cover on untreated roads, which means you need to stop on the main road to take them off when you get there - or you stop just before and get stuck 5 yds from the tarmac; in "real snow" (i.e. when its bad enough to NEED them) the lay-bys are all inaccessible so nowhere safe to remove / fit. To be frank other than getting a few hundred yards onto well treated roads they are pretty pointless in most of the UK as when the weather is like that there are numpties everywhere either stuck or likely to skid into you. Even if you can get through there is likely to be someone else in your way. The only time I think they are useful here is getting the "last mile" if you are in an area at the bottom of the list for ploughing/gritting. Even then my preference would be to leave the car as close as possible to the primary routes and walk the last bit...

I think every time I've used them (last 3 yrs) then these would have got me out. As usually the issue has been getting moving from a standing start.
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+1 for the BFG A/T'S, shame they don't do a car size version, or do they? my F in law used to swear by a few sand bags in the boot on rear wd cars, deflate tyres a bit and take yer time, although umph! is necessary on aprouching some hills i find.
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this is what you need
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Originally Posted by xs 400 View Post
this is what you need
Bastardised Fiat, er, 127?
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Looks like a 126 to me. Very cool.
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