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Glad you're okay Nasher, sorry about the disco mate. Our Jeep WK got shunted up the back end by an Ambulance in London before Christmas..... Not on blues but with patient onboard. Just rear bumper damage.... They accepted liability, passed details.... Later the insurer accepted the repair quote I obtained without question and have now offered a cash settlement. Was all very painless tbh, got the impression it was a fairly common occurrence. Hope you get the right outcome mate

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Glad no-one's hurt. Love the D3 - I wrote off a Nissan Almera in mine and had to replace my front number plate... Lovely motor. My Navara is not a patch on the Disco, but loads less ££ to maintain.

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Glad you're okay nasher. Pity about the rear quarter panel on the Disco, otherwise you could replace the bumper, rear lights, paint, etc. Reckon there's structural damage there too?
Is that with or without VAT?
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had similar damage to my D4 last year, white van man strikes again needed replacement quarter panel, rear bumper and light cluster, looks like new now, hope you get sorted with the insurance
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Nasher good to see you are OK as at the end of the day the car can be replaced!
Recon if they want to right it off then take the money and Buy it back off them, you will soon have that back looking A1 with your skills Nasher
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Thanks for all the kind words guys.

I really don't want it written off as I've just spent £1400 on it having a Torque Converter fitted, I know it's mechanically good, and of course what they'd give me for it will only cover the cost of a similar age one that I could spend thousands getting to the same mechanical condition.

Update as of this morning.

The body shop canít see it until tomorrow morning.

Privilege Have confirmed that:

If the car is written off as a Cat C or D, I will get the opportunity to purchase it back.

The claim is already in the hands of their recovery team as it looks like the complete cost will be recovered from the other insurers.
This may take a couple of weeks to confirm though.

My renewal premium will not be affected at all if it is agreed that it was not my fault.

The cost of a hire car will not be considered as part of the repair cost when considering if the car is economical to repair.

As I have the receipt for the Torque Converter being fitted so recently I can submit it as evidence if I want to dispute the value of the car.

So, wait and see really.

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That could be a good result if they write it off you'll get it back for peanuts possibly 10 to 15% of what they pay out
You can then get it repaired at a local bodyshop for substantially less than the "approved" repairer would charge possibly using some second hand bits
You'll probably end up with a lump of money left over.

Hasn't your insurer passed your details onto an accident claims company yet? they usually ring to persuade you to make a claim for the stiff neck that came on after the accident
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bit of bad luck nasher good job its not the boating season.i would look at the value for replacing if they write off gives you an argument then not your falt why should you loose out best of luck hope it turns out ok for you
consider buying the wreck & breaking might make a few quid back as well to add to a newer disco
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I've unfortunately had a couple of non fault claims for people hitting me, my insurance has ALWAYS gone up as there is a claim on your record. To check for yourself if it effects you get a quote online and add/remove the prang and see. Admitedly mines was a good while ago so they may have changed their rules or it is dependant on the insurers.
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My wife had a no fault claim on her car when someone drove into her while she was stationary. This put my insurance premium up because she's a named driver on my car!

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