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Could wash the car...

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Originally Posted by Pete7 View Post
Tim your problem won't be a lack of hp more who you are going to insure her with. That car will weigh about 500kgs and you can probably lift the back end up on your own, so superb power to weight ratio.

When it's going make sure you don't go too fast or you'll get in to trouble with Mr. Plod

Evening All

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Kit car basis


What you'll normally find with kit cars is that the kit manufacturer supplies the chasis and body. The rest of the parts the builder (first owner) then sources the rest from a donor car / or cars.

So your mates car could have the engine/gearbox/ rear axle from a mk11 escort / capri / sierra / granada.

There are exceptions to this - I believe that there are some kits that use a spitfire chassis.

For engine bits and tuning have a look at vulcan engineerings website. Unfortunately proper engine mods will be costly.

I wouldn't spend too much money on it as it probably won't be worth more than a few thousand even in tip top condition.
Good toy for the summer if running well though!
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Originally Posted by Searider View Post

Good toy for the summer if running well though!
Will certainly look good chugging round the island during the summer.
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I have one of these

Hi Tim,

I have one of these "Scorhill Magic"s

I built it myself and still own it, but rarely get a chance to drive it.

I am not far from IOW.

I am not sure the best way to swap contact details, maybe someone here can suggest.


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Country: Germany
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Hi together,

I am the owner of the "shiney" (Thanks to Tim) Scorhill Magíc, that Tim found on the homepage of Dutton-Club Germany.
Because I hadn´t the possibility to register immediately for this forum, I sent a mail directly to Tim, but after reading, that there is more interest in the Scorhill Magic, I will repeat it here:

Something about the car:

I bought the Scorhill in june 2004 on ebay by a seller, who had imported it from GB. At that time the Scorhill was licensed only in GB, but not in Germany (you can recognize it by the british license plate number on the photo). The car wasn´t perfect, but I could drive home with it on a distance of about 300 km. The first problem was, to get a german license for it, because the german Technical Inspection Authority (called TÜV) didn´t know this car and so they had to test all parts as if it was a prototype.
After washing, polishing and some small repairs we presented it to the "TÜV". 14 days and a few heart attacks later I had the official permittance, to drive this car on german roads. During the summer we drove the Scorhill and had a lot of fun with it.
The first winter I decided, to restore the rear axle, the rear brakes and the fuel tank, because all parts were rusty and ugly. And that was the beginning of all problems: What sort of axle, what sort of brakes, fuel tank, engine, stearing and so on.
Today I know my car because I have spent a lot of hours in recognizing the parts.
At the first look I would say, you have the same equipment in your Scorhill, as I have. It is built on a Ford Cortina MK IV with a 1.6 or 2.0 OHC-Engine.
The front axle and the brake booster seem to be from a Cortina too. The carburator is a Weber 32/36 DGAV. I suppose, that the gear box, the electric equipment and the rear axle will be Cortina parts too. But you must attend, that there were used two different rear axles depending on the engine. If the break drums have a diameter of 228,6 mm inside it will be the "big axle".
The complete windscreen wiper including motor and all other parts usually is borrowed from an Austin Mini.
The seats seem to be Cobra seats, you can find similar parts on some homepages in GB. I found them a little bit too broad, so I rebuilded them a bit smaller and let them pad with black and yellow leather.
The following winter I disassembled the front axle and the stearing and restored it completely. Also I splashed out on a electronic ignition.
The last winter I disassembled all parts from the engine, derusted and cleaned all completely and mounted a new radiator, because the old one wasn´t the best.
In the moment, my Scorhill is on the road again, but in the following winter, he will get a new dashboard from special wooden inlay and some special instruments..

Some pics of my car you will find here:

If anyone is interested in more information, please tell me. I would send you some scans (for example the complete service manual of the Ford Taunus II = Cortina MK IV) on a CD, but you must know, the most of them are in German.

A last annotation: As far as I know, my Scorhill is the only one in Germany.

Greetings from Wesel in Germany

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I have brought a ford scorhill kit car with a 2.3 v6 ford lump in it. I have completely stripped it down for a re spray and re build. I have a build manual from the original owner but is there any think people could tell me that may be of interest to me??? I haven't managed to find much information online about this car is it because there crap or they are rear. Can anyone give me a estimated value of one in mint condition??

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