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I am thinking of buying a Navman GPS plotter instead of the Garmin 182 any comments welcomed .Thanks in advance .
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Ask me in a months time we have just switched from Garmin's to Navman

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I have just fitted my Garmin 182C. I have also used it my dive clubs boat and I must say i am very impressed. The re-draw rate on the maps in super fast and it takes no time at all to zoom or run the cursor around and off the page to find other points or marks. Very big display and no problem to view in daylight or direct sunlight. Never used a Navman, but from the ones I've fitted they look good.
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I have also been thinking of a 182c - the only thing that puts me off is it is only 16 colour but does this really make a difference?

I have some Garmin bluecharts and they look great on my PC - will they look the same on the 16 colour unit?
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Have 182c - very pleased with other than cannot get WAAS (see previous thread) Get down to 16ft accuracy.
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I fitted a Navman 5500i colour chartplotter to my RIB earlier this year and love it. The C-Map cartography is superb and the unit has performed faultlessly so far despite having had several good soakings. The technical support guys at the importer, Plastimo UK, in Chandlers Ford were also very helpful when I rang them with a few questions about wiring etc.

Navman plotters were recommended to me by a friend in Scotland who's a Fisheries Board manager and they've been using the Navman 5500i on their RIB for three years without a hint of a problem or any sign of water ingress etc. Having said all that, Garmin plotters have an excellent reputation and the Garmin back-up is of course legendary. Some people reckon that C-Map cartography is better than Blue Chart, however, so you pays your money (less in the case of Navman ), and takes your choice.
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Originally Posted by Phil Davies
and the Garmin back-up is of course legendary.
They deliver over and over again, and this alone would push me in that direction. The number of people who have sent in dead equipment, only to be replaced by a brand new more up to date version is indeed legendary.

They did however drop their last cartography set, which understandably upset a few people.
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go for Garmin anyday. I am a newboy to the board.
I have the 2010c by Garmin and there is nothing like it. Incidently this board is a fine intetrface and has a host of info. I think also Garmin is using the WAAS system and I do not think navman has got that far yet( I stand to be corrected. You can pick up the Garmin 2010c for about $1990 in the states - bit its wort it. Maps are epensive though.
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Have posted about this before, we have Navman 5600 plotter number 3 now in two and a half years and fishfinder number 2 in the same period, the last warranty replacable from Plastimeo can only be described as farcacle, if you dont believe me dial their number now, you wont get anything more than a recording, never return calls, etc or reply to mails, it took only 14 wks the last time to get our replacement all due to moisture ingress, I have also said this before I like the stuff, but 5 replacements in two and a half years, the only thing that is worse than the failures is the customer service from Plastimo. I was told, lies given excuses , we sent it, we didnt recieve it, its en route, did you send it etc etc decide for yourselves

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Garmin Fans here !

We moved a year or so ago back to Garmin from Simrad CE32s.

We have become major fans of the Garmin 188C as a RIB plotter on our Advanced Training RIBs

Easier to use,
Daylight viewable
Several Screen options
Big Chunky figures
Screens don't fog in January !!!!!!!!!!!
Very helpful support from Garmin Europe ( Really make you feel like their most important customer even with the most trivial email enquiry!!)
One Blue Chart covers 2/3 of Ireland ( South, West and most of the North Coast)
Bloody good cartography including easy to read tidal curves
You can create your own charts ( For the Inland Waterways)

We Like them !!!

Best wishes,


Stuart McNamara
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