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My selections would be a Navico Axis VHF (now made by Simrad) and a Garmin 12 GPS.

The Navico is probably the most expensive hand held VHF available, but it is fully waterproof and very rugged -- and it performs well. Simrad also now make a smaller waterproof VHF which is probably good too. Icom also make a waterproof VHF that is worth a look.

For use on a RIB I personally wouldn't buy a handheld VHF that isn't waterproof. Plenty of people will disagree with me though, and swear by the waterproof plastic bag enclosures that you can buy for a few pounds.

The Garmin hand held GPS is easy to use, has a good display and is waterproof. It's relatively cheap too at about £100.


John Kennett

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I use the ICOM IC-M1EuroV as my backup, zipped into an external pocket on my drysuit. Not that I am planning to take an early bath but you never know!
Its waterproof to a meter, for 30mins, and uses a lithium ion battery for extended use-time. Can't fault it so far.
I hear someone (Raytheon?) has now produced a genuine DSC handheld. If you do go for a swim, the DSC bit could be invaluable! It may well be expensive but you did say "the best ones to get".
ICOM is on
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Handheld GPS and VHF

Sorry it's me again.

I need to get a handheld GPS and VHF, can anybody recommend the best ones to get.

Many thanks
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sometimes I wonder if GSM had been around 30 years ago whether people would bother with VHF. I know the arguments for, and they are valid, but is it a case of people (by the way I'm talking men here) learning a whole technology and the codes, rules and all that and not accepting that a cheap, massively available alternative is here and, taking everything into consideration, for 90% of users, is the most practical?
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I recently got an Icom M1 Euro V. Every review I saw gave it top marks and I was not disappointed. I was in the Cactus showroom in Dublin today and they told me it's the only one to get (DSC considerations aside). As for GSM it's a handy way to phone a friend but not much use if you're in trouble and don't have the phone no of someone on the only boat in sight. Bring both.
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Having used Garmin GPS 12's for the last few years , I can whole heartedly reccomend them .

Be careful that you don't fall into the trap of buying the far more expnsive Garmin GPS 12 XL .....The basic GPS 12 is far cheaper and is fine for all normal useage .

Prices here in Ireland are around £IR160 incl VAT for a 12 or IR£ 100 Incl VAT for one of the reconditioned 12's which are now on the market.

Best wishes ,


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Having used a Garmin 12 for a number of years, both to aid navigation when cruising and for diving (relocating dive sites etc) I would confirm it is a excellent piece of equipment.

The only fault would be bttons are a little small when wearing diving gloves!


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