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Just one other thing to consider....
Where are you going to keep the boat, or leave it unattended?

From a security point of view this is worth considering 'cos lets face it, theyre not cheap bits of kit.

I've just got back from fitting my 182c. I surface mounted it as I have with the other electronics. That way I can sleep safe in the knowledge that I have all the expensive bits at home!

Just a thought.....

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Of course, if you do bracket-mount, then you HAVE to take it with you, even if you are just staying at a marina for lunch. A 10" chart plotter is quite a lot to carry around.

I once lost my (brand new) ensign & staff at Cowes Marina, through "wearing" it over lunchtime ... the boat, that is - not me!

I shall almost certainly go for flush mount when I order my boat at the end of the 2005 season - Unfortunately, I have to buy a launch vehicle in the meantime!


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I had to remove my plotter yesterday because the backlight wasn't working and needed at repair and i can tell you it was an absolute mission to get it out.
To get it out you need access to the inside of the console, the way Lee builds his ribs the owner isn't suposed to get into that part of the console and it is bolted shut from the inside with only a small hole to get at the bolts.

Then there are 4 bolts holding the plotter to the console, and then enough silicon that it needed cutting of the front.

Its certainly a long job to remove, so i have no worries about it being stolen where i keep it at present.
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I'm on a swinging mooring which of course is unattended, but the console will be under a cover from casual prying eyes, and we are talking about the channel islands where theft is a lesser risk normally. If I was to have it bracket mounted all that would happen is I'd demount it after a trip and put it in a locker somewhere, so no more real security than having it bolt fixed as a flush mount.
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Flush mounting, if you have space on your consol, is the way to go.

Had a Garmin bracket mounted on my old '585 and no matter how hard you did the screws up at the side, the GPS would be flapping around after 20 minutes.

Eventually I had a bracket custom made at some considerable expense, which then supported the whole of the back of the GPS which worked OK.

And Dave, you'd find it easier to get inside the front of your consol if you shed a few pounds mate. As if I can talk....


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Old 15 July 2004, 17:16   #16
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I agree with Brian. I lost a Garfmin GPS because it shook loose from the mounts whilst i was making my way across the Solent. and I would flush mount.

regrading the plea from Mark re standard electronics. yeah that would be great and standard plug too. However until theat happens why can't the console manufactures built cutouts abd supply blanking plates?
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Nah, far too sensible, Stu.

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