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Who's got the most hours on their Etec?

One of the things I often see about Etecs is that reliability in the long term is unknown because they are "still a bit new".

So, who has one and how many hours so far?

No particular reason for the question, just curious...

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Make: Ribcraft/Humber
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Engine: Suzuki/Yam 250x2
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some of the quinquari humbers in commercial use will easily put 800 hours on an engine in a year so... best to talk to the commercial users!

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Are most quinquari humbers fitted with Etecs or DIs?

Interestingly the Etecs on the GB rib challenge Ribcraft were dripping oil all the time the RIB was parked on ther hard at Ribex this year. I wasn't sure whether it was coming from the leg/gearbox join or if it was weeping form the propshaft seal.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Ramsgate/Plymouth
Make: Ribcraft/Humber
Length: 10m +
Engine: Suzuki/Yam 250x2
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the quinquaris were fitted with DI'S but now the etecs so depends how old the boat is! Alot of the older Di boats have now been re-engined with etecs anyway
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300 on our 200hp in the 2 years we had it.

changed it to another 200ho was i must be happy with the etec.
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We are thinking of getting a slightly larger boat next year, and we would like twin engines, i have been offered unbelievable deals on Etec,s to the point that we could have two smaller etec,s for the price of one big Yamaha.
But i have not had any positive feed back on the Etec, the overall engine seams ok but lots of people have had loads of small things like trims bushes collapsing , warning lights that wont go off, paint peeling, and gearbox problems, spark plugs that oil up etc,etc
fingers crossed i have never had a problem with Yamaha, but to put two on the back would almost be the same price as a diesel .hence the idea, any thoughts
Sorry not nicking the tread just that not many people have said what hours they have done and if any the problems they have had.
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I think that's becuase most ETEC owners really haven't had many problems. I got my 90 ETEC over the winter and first ran in in January, I've been running it regularly without incident since. It's been flawless so far but for one incident with contaminated fuel, quickly resolved by simply switching tanks. I was impressed with how quickly and easily the ETEC recovered from that outside flaw.

I haven't had the motor back to the dealer and I have no hour meter, so I don't know how many hours I've put on it, but I'm very happy with the ETEC. I probably should take it in simply to have the hours checked. I'd have to guess I've put about 80-100 hours on. My boat gets about 5-6 hours/day at every regatta it goes to, most are 5-10 days, and it's been to about 5 regattas, plus a few play days I'll probably put on another 150-175 hours by the end of October when the US Paralympic Sailing Team selection wraps up.
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E Tecs

to give you a clue on just how reliable they are in 2006 we sold on ballistics world wide just short off 18000 etec horse power

and we had a hand full of faliures , wich to brp's credit were replaced in 5 working days .

ask yourself before you buy anything from anyone how will you be loked after

and in reality no make is more reliable than any other they all have issues along the way .
its how the engine manafacture looks at it that matters
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Engine: Evinrude 250 etec
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My 250 e-tec is great at speed but is giving overheat warnings every so often below 1200 rpm and putting it into SAFE mode. Had it looked at by the dealer who said it was a sticking thermostat which he cleaned. Two weeks later is starts doing it again.

BRP said it wasn't a warranty problem as it was wear and tear. Needs looking at again but its a pain having to take it round to the dealer and picking it up.

Anyone else having a simular experience.

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We bought a Scorpion 8.75 with twin Di 250s three years ago. They have more than 500 hours on them now.
The gearbox on the counterrotating engine has broken 5 times. The powerhead has broken one time. The tilt has broken and some minor electrical problems. One big consern is all the extra mony going to oil and sparkplugs. The sparks have to be changed every 60 hours and the oilconsumtion is high. Although much better on the the e.thech, the sparks do not last more than double the time. My Yamaha has more than 800 hours and is still running on original sparkplugs.

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