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Suzuki 2.2hp loss of power then goes and dies afain

Used my recently acquired 2nd hand 2002 Suzuki 2.2hp 2 stroke for the first time yesterday on my sib.
Other than this I've only run it several times in a test tank without any issues.
Took it out yesterday all was fine covered - first.
Half a mile or do at half throttle then idled along trolling some lures.
Went to pick up the pace again and wouldn't go above 1/3 throttle even at WOT.
It did this for 5 mins then burst back into life.
WOT working again but as soon as I dropped back down to idle it done the same.
This process repeated several times until I got back to shore.
I've taken the cowling off and had a look.
The fuel tank was full of tiny particle - looked like metal/ rust.
Took the spring tensioned clip that keeps the tank lid from falling off out and it was pitted and slightly rusted. I cleaned the carb out and fuel lines and added a fuel filter.
Took some emery cloth to the spring and gave it a good scrub down .
Cleaned the tank out and put fresh fuel in it and ran it for 35 mins in test tank.
All seems well.
As it is my aux just wondering if if cured it or could something else have caused the issue described.
Thanks in advance

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I would imagine that this would have cured it.

A good run in the test tank, then........

If the main engine is reliable give the aux a good test next time you are out on the water.

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Sounds like a plan.
I have faith in my other two engines both bought new in 2010 by me.
They are a Tohatsu 20hp and Suzuki 2.5hp four stoke and well maintained.
Never missed a beat.
The little 2002 2.2hp Suzuki 2 stroke looks like it's had a very easy life judging by its general condition but i don't know it's history.
Due to if being it's maiden voyage for mysrlf and it playing up 1st time it kinda dented my confidence in it.
The fuel contamination notion and symptoms experienced add up to the problems it experienced.
Here's hoping that it was only fuel contamination and nothing more sinister.
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We've had the same last year and this year with our Suzuki 2hp 2 stroke tender engine! (Owned by us since new with minimal usage)

Similar symptoms last year in Salcombe and we found a rusty tank cap contaminating the fuel. Tank drained and cleaned, carb cleaned, new tank cap(20 I think) and it worked fine all year.

Arriving in the Isles of Scilly this year, same symptoms again...! I repeated the above actions, there was a bit of muck in the carb, but still didn't like running at high speed. With the help of the mechanic on Bryher island we determined the fuel tap was the problem, and not letting enough fuel through. He said it was fairly common for these taps to age and fail as the rubber inside wears out. A scavenged secondhand one of those later, and the engine's been running happily the last few months now!
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Cheers Paul.
I will take a closer look at the fuel valve just in case it's past its best.
I did note that there was speckles of rust around the metal clamp which holds the fuel valve onto the tank.
Priced a new fuel valve and new tank cap.
It's around 50 quid for both so I will try and fix the ones I already have.
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