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go for it m8 and ;let us know,,,
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with cars, chips usually only produce good results with turbo or diesel motors. On N/A motors chips produce very little gains. They really only help remap the fuelling and power curves to compensate for extra air induction and sports exhausts or to reshape peaky power and torque curves to get better driveability. Cant see it workin on an outboard (and i love moding cars and boats!!) you could try nitrous!!! tell ya crew to sit down 1st mind!

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Originally posted by gtflash
you could try nitrous
I have enough trouble staying in the boat already remeber!

Seriously, i though the humper said this WAS the case... comeon Stu what's the deal? Fact or gossip?
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This came up on the Mariner site

you have to then click on the tech forums and the question is listed.

From memory the carbs need changing
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My Scorpion was originally built for Nokia's PR company. and was owned by them for 9 months and Nokia pulled the plug. During this time it was maintained by Fairweather Marine, I was talking to Lee on eday and mentioned that I had bought the Nokia boat and he told me it had the ECU swapped out for one that had been meant for a 200.

That's all I know really
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Re chipping 2 strokes

I think rechipping a 2 stroke is a waste of time,
as the power curve, final hp and revs, are all controled buy the height of the exaust port , and when the transfer ports get cut off buy the piston.......

The new fuel injection units only eleminate the waste fuel, and can compinsate for flat spots etc, but it all limited by the amount of air you can get in on top of the piston before the ports shut and the fuel is injected..... OK Opti, ficht , Hdpi, all work slightly different.. same rules apply

Grinding a port 1.5mm higher can make a huge differance to the hp/ power curve, and then its down to exaust resienance, Ie the shock wave from the pistion is timed to exit the end of the exaust just as the next shock wave is happening at the head, this is so they dont slow each other down, thats why preformance, exausts look like spigitti so they are all the same lenght ..........

Bla bla bla....

Basicly NO it wont work very well on a 2 stroke......
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power ups

This has prompted me to ask much the same question. I have a 92 60 Yam and looking through the spec it seems to be identical to the 70 hp. What needs to be changed to get the extra 10 hp?
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Rupert, the main differences will be in the carbs and possibly th reed valves. On new engines the cost of buying a small engine and coverting it will always be more than buying the larger engine in the first place.

If you really want to make it go sell the 60 and put a Yam 90 on it. They are quite light and very robust engines just make sure it isn't one off a race boat.


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