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Still frustrated

Iím still trying to sort out my 200EFI Suzi intermittent starting problem.

Iím worried about reminding everyone, in case there is a Ďmost public breakdown awardí at the Solent xmas dinner.

To recap Ė its starts and runs fine from cold but very occasionally wonít start from hot, I canít get a spark at the plugs, but then suddenly all is well.

Iíve now identified the neutral switch as the most likely culprit.

Itís a micro switch that works off a cam on the gear selector arm mechanism under the hood, and unlike any other outboard Iíve owned its just cuts the ignition rather than disabling the starter motor. So the engine turns over as usual on the starter, but wonít fire.

First thoughts were obviously to junk it, and remember to put it in neutral. But now Iíve realised I canít do that.

With engine in neutral and not running, the switch is ĎOffí (presume ignition is not grounded). The engine can be started.

With engine in gear and not running, the switch is ĎOní (presume ignition is grounded). The engine canít be started.

Once the engine is running the state of the switch has a different function.

With engine in neutral and running, the switch is ĎOffí however the engine appears to be limited to @2000RPM. This is what happened when I ran without the switch. Should have thought about it really. Ė Doh! Obviously stops you revving the nuts off it in neutral.

With the engine in gear and running, the switch is Ďoní and has allows engine to rev out.

So if I junk it and hard wire it Ďoní the engine wonít start.
And if I hard wire it Ďoffí the engine will start but only rev to 2000RPM

So looks like I need to pay Suzuki a load of cash for a new switch.
Just like my wife, now itís a bit old and Ďtiredí I canít live with it, and canít live without it!

Anyway, off to Dublin for the weekend, so will sort it out when I get back.
If spared!


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A weekend in Dublin will cost more than a neutral switch and give you a headache rather than cure it!
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