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Injector Cleaner for Suzuki 4 Strokes

We've got a couple of safety boats at the club with varying sizes of Suzuki 4 stroke engines. They don't get driven hard, spending most of the time at little more than idle, and every now and again the idle gets a bit rough and I suspect the injectors have got a bit gunged up and dribbly.

When my 2 stroke gets like that, a quick squirt in the carbs then running some sea-foam through fixes it in no time.

Is there a fuel treatment that works for the modern fuel injected engines?

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Mercury/Quicksilver, Quickleen works. Add to fuel tank removes carbon and varnish etc used regularly. Or as double dose blast. I imagine suzuki have something similar.

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To be honest its not a difficult job to remove and clean them - look on web for video's showing how - as far as I know Yamaha outboard injectors are the same / very similar.

I made up a DIY rig - carb cleaner, various sizes of silicon hose and fuel hose to make an adapater from the spray can of carb cleaner to the injector, a 9v PP3 battery (or 12v car battery - either will work) and a couple of pieces of cable

Point to note is that each injector has a tiny filter inside it - called a basket filter - these are tiny and can fairly easily be prised out and replaced if really gummed up.

For my injector cleaning I removed the injectors and one at a time followed these steps:

clamp injector in vice (gently)
connect hose to 'spray' end or 'head' of injector
connect one of the 2 no jumper cables between injector terminal and battery
connect hose to adapter and then to can or carb cleaner
squirt carb cleaner into hose until pressurised
touch other jump cable onto other injector terminal briefly on an off a number of times

each time the power is applied to the injector it opens and carb cleaner is blasted through under the pressure from the aerosol can - this basically reverse flushes the injector and basket, with the aim to push any gunk out

next step is the same as above but connecting hose to the inlet end of the injector (similar diameter) and repeating until a decent spray pattern is emitting from the injector nozzle.

BEWARE though you quickly end up with a lot of carb cleaner vapour / liquid in the workshop and a small spark will ignite this very easily.

Very easy to do and easy to visibly see the result before and after
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I used this on a 7yr old Suzuki 175, engine runs smoother & starts easier. 1ltr will treat 500 litres.

If you sign up for the newsletter they will email a discount code @20% off.
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