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Country: UK - England
Town: Cheshire
Boat name: Tango
Make: Humber
Length: 4m +
Engine: 60Hp Mariner BF Outb
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Bilge Rat

Where do I start!

I had problems last year with the VRO, while running the engine in the garden I suddenly found the place full of white smoke, the only thing that stopped it was disconnecting the VRO and mixing oil and fuel in the tanks instead. The pump looked ok, the diaphragm was intact so Iím still none the wiser to what caused all the smoke. Every time I reconnected the pump, same thing, lots of smoke.

Another problem Iím having is the complete loss of power. The engine starts erratic, runís for about 30 mins and then dieís a slow death, itís very temperamental.

I did have problems with the temperature sensor, it seemed to be telling the engine itís over heating and the safety system causes the engine to cut back to low revís. Once replaced the engine worked fine for a few months, then other problems started.

I have noticed the loom seems to be suffering from corrosion, Iíve had to cut and re-terminate connections due to them perishing.

Iíll contact Bill Higham Marine as Graham hope suggests, they look like a good place to start and see what they say. The only other option I have is to replace the engine, donít know if I can extend to the £6000 for the evinrude e-tec but it does look the part.


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if youīre looking for a 50 HP engine, the Honda is the lightest 4 stroke on the market. Itīs a very reliable engine. They give up to five years warranty. The fuel consumption is still less tahn on fuel injected engines.

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engine problem

Have you spoken to Ian at Liverpool Powerboats Bootle. He will sort you out, been an Evinrude agent for ever.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Whitstable
Boat name: Tango
Make: Avon and Narwhal2.4m
Length: 4m +
Engine: 60HP Yamaha
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Thanks for the explaination of what happened, all sounds familiar to my problems, for ages i was experiencing running problems and the day she finally died it did exactly what yours was doing, i was out with a friend and about 30 minutes into our trip the engine just died, we restarted and ran for a few minutes and exactly the same thing ? managed to tie the boat up to a spit marker and had a look at the engine, nothing obvious, and the engine wasn't overly hot, took us 30 minutes to restart it and started back for home very slowly.
Compression test comfirmed i'd lost 30 psi in one pot :-( not good, the engine came apart and the problem was obvious....oil starvation, and whats worse the same thing had at some point happened before as the sleeves had already been re bored out to maximum, now we could only assume that the previous owner had had the same problem and rather than addressing the route cause they had just fixed the symtoms, in actual fact the VRO oil injector had packed up completely and for this reason the engine was running with very little or no oil at all, i required a re sleeve which Evinrude said couldn't be done as they say you can re sleeve dry linned, though we proved them wrong by finding a local engineer willing to tackle the problem, the engine had new over sized pistons, rings and gaskets, cam followers and sleeves and we replaced the VRO with a straight fuel pump..... i now pre mix my oil before going into the fuel tank, its the only way i can be sure the engines getting the oil it needs, and after ten hours running it she now purres like a kitten, ok maybe not a kitten but a sick tiger's more the sound and runs like a dream.

I did look at replacing the engine when mine went wrong, i'd decided that whatever happened i'd fix it and if i'd bought new sell mine on as a rebuild, in the end due to costs etc i decided that as mines practically a new engine i'd stick with the devil i know.
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Town: Douglas Isle of Man
Make: Osprey
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Engine: Suzuki 70hp 4 stroke
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My VRO has been run on pre-mix for at least the last two years (since I bought her). Absolutely no problems, except for the smoke on start up! There was a thread on here (can't find it now) that suggested that after 10 years or so it was best practice to disconnect the VRO as pre-mixing was cheaper than the inevitable failure of the oiling system at some point.

Purrs like a rather annoyed lion, compared to the Suzuki 4 stroke on my other boat which I have tried to restart whilst running on several occasions! (Must glance at the rev counter before reaching for the key!)

Our Yacht Club safety boat runs a 60hp VRO (still VRO) and it doesn't start or tickover as well as mine.
Tax is paid by mortals
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Country: UK - England
Town: Whitstable
Boat name: Tango
Make: Avon and Narwhal2.4m
Length: 4m +
Engine: 60HP Yamaha
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VRO failures on rudes over a certain age seems to be a common thing, the really stupid thing was that a while back a very reputable Evinrude mechanic advised me to remove the VRO unit and run direct on pre mix, not wanting the expense or hassle of changing bits and mixing oil i ignored the advise and kept running the VRO, then later faced a hefty rebuild bill..... whata mistaka to maka .....!
Could have saved myself a lot of hassle and maybe a rebuild.

The new rudes do look nice and they seem to have got over there problems now, if it was my money though i'd either wait and see what comes out once others have run them for a while or go for one of the other big three that are tried and tested, i'm not slagging Evinrudes and dont relate my problems to the new engines but IMO if it were my money i'd be going for tried and tested over time !!

Mine on tick over sounds like a badly maintained chain saw, my mechanic says it sounds sweet, for an Evinrude that is !

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Country: UK - England
Town: cheshire
Boat name: Magpie
Length: 5m +
Engine: 55hp yam
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Jon I see you are in e/port, I am in runcorn, I get my small bits and bobs from frodsham water sports, the lady there gave me the phone number of the guy they recomend he is in chester very handy for you, the guys name is Keith Fairbrother 01244 332633 she says he is very, good I do most of my own work so have not used him.

Regards Nick.

P.S. jon what do you use your boat for.
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Country: UK - England
Town: West London
Boat name: Asp
Make: A BLACK Stealthly Metzeler
Length: 4m + really stealthy
Engine: Johnson 70hp VRO - not steathly at all!
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Mine starts & idles well, runs superb.
Also sounds like an angry lion when gunning it.
Doesn't like being restarted if idleing for a long time - when going through locks on the Thames..

Suspect due to plugs fouling up with oil!
standard 2 stroke problem..

Vro disconected
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Originally posted by Hawkerj
donít know if I can extend to the £6000 for the evinrude e-tec but it does look the part...
If you're budget conscious, then you can find some excellent 2nd and bargains from time to time. I was in BHG Marine yesterday and noticed that they had sold an immaculate looking Yamaha 70 BETOL for £1300 which seemed a reasonable deal considering how shiney it looked. It could be worth ringing around reputable dealers (stressing reputable!) to see what used motors they have.
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Have a look on ebay

This chap has a very good rating!
You bidding for like new (motor has only 70 hours of salt woter use) 60 hp ELPTO MERCURY outboard motor. It is ready to use. All necessary included (prop, controls, all cables). It is runs perfect.
at £1600

May be of some interest!

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