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This is all absolutely true Richard.
I have always found though, that God helps those who help themselves.
I am therefore PLANNING to do the trip, with lashings of spare margin, using my own resources.
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Originally posted by Brian
lashings of spare margin
Can't argue with that.

In fact I'm not arguing at all. Also the "own resources" bit is important.... but you don't need me to tell you this!

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Originally posted by Brian

I have always found though, that God helps those who help themselves.
This is probably a very wise maxim, Brian. As I'm taking my rib up, I think Keith sees me as a support boat whereas its usually me that needs supporting. (old age, mental infirmity etc.) I have been having this recurring nightmare of being towed into Scapa Flow by three SIBS, and having to scuttle the boat to lie alongside the German fleet, all the time being photographed by aspiring RIB International reporters. Oh the shame of it!

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fuel economy

I remember once on a sailing boat coming from Holyhead to Dublin myself and Tim ran my 1979 15hp evinrude at about 3/4 throttle for 9 hours continously on the stern of the sailing boat to give us a bit of a push home, it ran from a 25 litre tank and we topped up the tank with 5 litres as we approached Dun Laoghaire 30 in total .We were left with 2 or 3 litres in the tank so 9 hours 27 litres at 3/4 throttle 3 litres per hour, is this any help gavin
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Sort of scientific

In Chile we had the same problem for our expedition.

We needed to move camp regularly about 15-25 miles with the boats fully loaded (6.5 tons between 7 boats (weight inc boat + engine and the 25 people).

We needed to find out the best speed we could make and fuel consumption so not as to end up adrift in the Pacific.


Get GPS set to record trip for average speed over time going into and with the wind in reasonable weather. You need to do both I would say.

Put your fag / candle lamp etc out!

Get an (empty) 1 Ltr plastic coke bottle, rinse with petrol to get worst out. Stick 1 Ltr of petrol in and insert fuel lead into bottle.

Drive off and see how far and at what speed that 1 ltr will get you. Try not to throw the petrol all over you and who-ever is there.

Once you have the results, add a bit extra to be sure.

From experiance before and the experiment, we decided we needed about 4,500 Ltrs over the expedition period, which is approx 4.2 tons I think.


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