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Originally Posted by ivan4199 View Post
Hi - do you more experienced Ribbers keep your engine wrapped in a blanket over the winter. Planning to keep my boat on the water in the marina so heard this could help but would like to know what else I should be doing.

Also, when I bought the boat the seller showed me how to check for & if necessary remove any drops of water from the petrol - pretty sure i never let any drops in when refuelling but Thanks guys, Ivan
Ivan, many of the more experienced ribbers will be using their boats throughout the winter, although I would completely understand why you would not want to do so. If you are not going to use her then I would recommend you haul her out for a few months and fully winterise the engine. Sea water and moisture in general is about the worst culprits for knackering your boat.

If however you do plan to use her and therefore need to keep her afloat then any form of insulation will help, however put a waterproof membrane (tarp) over your blanket so as to keep the blanket dryer, a wet blanket on a cold day will do little to help.

If you are only gong to use her occasionally over the mid Dec to early March period then why not trailer her to and from your garage as required?

Also the more often you get down to the boat brush of the ice/frost/water and run the engine for a little while the better.

I run a few boats, we are far less busy in the winter so try to take each out of the water and garage them each for a month. Those that are afloat we start up most days for 10 minutes. The two strokes we run a bit longer than the 4 strokes (they also take a lot longer to start on a cold morning).

As Ian says keep the tanks full of petrol with additives.

Also worth a full (small) can of WD40 all over at lay up, mid winter and refit.

There is a book on outboard maintenance I have in the office that describes winter lay up very well, if you email me (through profile) I will find it and give you the name/author/ISBN.

PS does not, matter how careful you are with fuelling, water will get into the fuel system/tank somehow or another.

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Originally Posted by ian parkes View Post
That stainless job hidden under the deck condensating all winter never inspired confidence . I used to drain it but you never really know whats left rolling about in the bottom do you.
What's rolling around the bottom isn't really an issue. It's what gets sucked up into the fuel line that will cause problems.

A good water separating filter is cheap insurance.


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Really useful - thanks everyone especially Doug - I do plan to use the boat through the winter & will follow your tips, author & title of that book would be helpful too - thanks.
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I wouldn't rely on the blanket too much if I were you. Over a long period of time, even wrapped in a blanket your engine will cool to the surrounding temperature. Have you ever got into bed in a house that has not been heated for a week in the middle of winter? It might be covered in blankets but it is not warm! The difference is that in bed your body generates heat which is then kept in by the blanket. Unless you plan to leave your engine running it won't generate any heat of it's own. It might just save you if the cold spell is short but not otherwise, you need to take other precautions.

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