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RIBnet admin team
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Originally Posted by gotchiguy View Post
Sorry, what did I predict a week ago?..... and there you go that's the first one.
A true leader should lead from the front.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
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Originally Posted by willk View Post
A true leader should lead from the front.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!
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Originally Posted by John Kennett
Biff, are you just getting problems with the phone app, or is it the same when you log in using a proper computer?
John. The probs I had while on hols I think were related to 3G. This thing last night was related to my main computer. I entered a text about trailer bolts but never got it posted. It just came up with I need to put in more than 5 letters. Then I answered Ian m and he said I sent him a blank screen and no smilies either. Truth be known I'm not fussed about smilies. Regards

Sent from a remote device
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I've got mine set up so it's almost exactly the same as it was, just a couple extra buttons and a different colour.

Getting used to the photo's up top but we need more content from users. Lincoln Charlie's bread knife is bang tidy but a bit of variety is always good!

And yeh, we do seem to have a smilie malfunction
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I think its fine. I can still read posts and most of it seems the same dunno what the fuss is about...

Oh yeh of course this is ribnet. 20 pages on how to drill a hole in a console what was I thinking (Smiley rolling around laughing) ;-)
Chris Stevens

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Ok, Then!

PeterM, Put on your big boy pants and help solve the issues you have with good constructive feedback. The site is new but mostly the same. If you are so turned off by a few changes then you must not find this to be much of a resource and i can respect that if thats the case but if not give it some time.
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I don't see the big deal or big change - just looks a slightly different colour with a (very useful) latest discussions section on the RH side. Apart from that reading topics, checking sub-forums, searching or PM'ing people seems much the same??
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I can understand Peter's comments ! There have been a lot of changes in a very short space of time ! Many of them I like .....

I don't like the apparent change to the Quick Links pull down menu on the " home " page . One of the options used to be " Todays Posts " .

This does NOT seem to be the same as new posts . For one thing once you read a new post it sort of disappears into the ethers !!!!!

Perhaps we need some time to consolidate and understand what's going . That said it's daft to forgo the site just because it's trying something new.....

Just give us old gits time to catch up .

( Just tried a smillie , but it doesn't seem to work , FFS ! )
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Originally Posted by gotchiguy View Post
Sorry, what did I predict a week ago?
I don't know, I stopped reading your posts ages ago. But I've made a special exception for this thread

Can we please have Ribnet lite sometime, the site is slow and unnecessarily gimicky.
There may be other styles/themes/skins in the future, but it's definitely not going to happen in the short term.

There are unfortunately a number of other things which are significant regressions: eg. the amount of time now spent scrolling, avatars for members, multiquote, community forums at the top, not being able to clearly see what topics I have posted on, the addition of "contact" and "buddy" lists which for so long have been the preserve of forums with far less technical and important content as Ribnet.
I'm not sure why you are spending more time scrolling. Can you expand on that?

Avatars and multi quote are here to stay, but really aren't going to make a critical difference to anything.

The community forums can be minimised in a single mouse click if you don't want to see them. I don't think that the "new posts, no new posts" icons are that hard to decipher, but we may be able to improve them. If you don't like contact lists and buddy lists, then don't use them - we have friends lists for a long time, but I don't think they were ever used very much.

Any changes to the forums are bound to please some people more than others, and we're always happy to consider ideas. We may lose one or two people along the way which is a shame, but people always come and go anyway. I don't think that anything has been changed that fundamentally affects any of the important things about RIBnet. Once we get it working properly for Nasher and Biffer of course!
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I must admit that I am not keen on the new changes, I'm a creature of habit and it takes me sometime to get used to anything new, I think the new friends request thingy majig is very face book,,ish but I am happy to wait and see how things work out without spitting my dummy out just yet. I'm sure things will work out for the best in time. Hopefully

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