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Originally Posted by Richard B View Post
Except him being called "a cowboy", amongst other things, whilst he operates within totally within the law?
One person's opinion based on a snap judgement that turned out not to be correct.

Balanced against the positive outcome of the debate and the added exposure for the company, I doubt that there will be any detrimental outcome.


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Originally Posted by Polwart View Post
Not entirely pointless - I think there is a precedent for a thread you edited/removed in response to threatened legal action over aledged defamatory comments.
The one time that solicitors were involved did not end up with the complainant getting what they wanted. A simple and polite email tends to work much better.

As I have said, in this case I think that the outcome is fair and balanced but I am happy to discuss it with the operator in question if he feels otherwise.


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Here is the e-mail reply from Sam Rose, from Jurassic Coast:

Hi Jimbo

Thanks for this, and for your effort in ensuring a fair debate.

However, the RIB is absolutely nothing to do with us. I manage a small
Dorset and Devon County Council supported Team managing the Jurassic Coast
World Heritage Site, and promoting conservation, education and responsible
or sustainable tourism. We do not operate any vehicles, nor do we run any
facilities or tours.

The RIB you are talking about is a private company, operated by, I think,
Lulworth Marine. Their number is 01929 400560. They are within their
rights to say they offer Jurassic Coast tours, but this is not endorsed,
nor quality assured by us. They appear on our Jurassic Coast by Boat
leaflet, in which we state clearly:

"While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, the
World Heritage Team can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies.
Safety at sea is the responsibility of the individual operators under the
regulations of the Maritime Coastguard Agency. Certification to this
effect and details of insurance should be displayed on board all vessels.
All trips depend on the weather. Most boats only operate in the spring,
summer and early autumn. Large boats operate from Exmouth and
Poole/Bournemouth and can carry over 100 passengers. All other boats are
limited to 10 or 12 passengers"

We periodically review operators on this leaflet.

I do not wish to look at the RIB debate, but I would be happy for you to
post this entry on to the site if you felt it would help the debate. We
would also be happy for people to have a look at and
explore the coast for themselves.

Many thanks

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I can't believe I missed this thread!
Threat of legal action and the ribnet traffic wardens arguing......Cancels afternoon appointment and sticks the kettle on!
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I am with Andre on this one!

I am also sorry I missed it! I thought Dunc's comments very pertinent and I hope the pictures do damage mateys business!

When you take people to the water you have a moral (as well as legal) duty of care. It is clear from these photo's that duty was not being respected!

LJ's are a hassle to fit on quick turn around trips but the water is still fkkn cold and the lifejackets will help the victims float, then all they have to deal with is just the gasp reflex problems, hyperventilation, cold shock and disorientation. I am presuming the customers were told if they did go in to stay still during any recovery operation this should be part of the safety briefing.
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Originally Posted by John Kennett View Post
What about other "speed boat" rides that you see at the seaside I don't recall seeing any of them with passengers wearing life jackets. Are they all criminally irresponsible? Or are RIBs inherently more dangerous than conventional speed boats?


Oh C'mon Johnny!
We all know that RIBs are no more than 'hair triggered' ejector seats! You can't possibly compare the two.

See you on the 15th mate.
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Coming up to date

I have seen that the same RIB is operating from Lulworth Cove for rides on Country File BBC, has anyone been down lately to see if the operation has changed?
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it's not a legal requirement to wear a lifejacket or have a kill cord attached, stupid not to do both but when towing and anchoring or in some boat working instances both items do get in the way
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The Lulworth Cove "Cowboy"

As a former SAR Type,I would recommend that Poole Safaris is one of the best templates for an example of how a punter rib trip shuld be operated, and no he has not paid me! Although I was not willing to do that type of work..too much time pressure AtoB..THE SAFETY BRIEFING was A1,the boat equipped to a standard exceeding the Code requirements,crew and passenger contact/monitoring excellent..etc and the owner Steve had a genuine passion for his 9m Parker Baltic RIB ..all in all a top end operation! Well done ,Steve,sorry that the work wasn,t for me.. glad that you got sorted ATB Tony
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Thank you Tony for those comments.

I had a work friend & family come out with us a couple of weeks back, as they were staying near Corfe, who later the same week went to Lulworth. They saw this operation still going with no improvement and could not believe that both operations were working to the same code.

I know that I chose to do what and how we operate, but it does grate on me that I could have done the same as the Lulworth operation and potentially doubled my profit.

However I would point out that to get my coding I had to have certain levels of equipment, such as full harness lifejackets for the crew and yet it appears that this operation and at least one other operator in Dorset, dont have them, fact. How come .....
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