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British telecom without a doubt everytime!

i dont hate anyone but this comes close

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I nominate Windermere Aquatics. I had problems with my new Bayliner that the dealer didn't seem capable of resolving, I copied every fax I sent to the dealer to Windermere & they didn't they didn't even have the courtesy of acknowledging them, far less doing anything about the problems.

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Oh dear, where do you start?

Agree with Doug - Business Serve are incompetent shysters. Took months to get a refund for work they never did (small claims court did the trick)

But this is the sort of 'customer service' that winds me up . . .
Friend gives me couple of complimetary tickets to see a film preview - nationally advertised for 21 of the Vue chain. Tickets are specific to my local, so I look the paper to see if it's listed - nope. Try the website listings - nope. OK - I'll phone them . . . look in the phone book - oh no it's 0870 xxxxxxx.

Call goes like this . . .
Hello, Vue
- Hello - are you in Basingstoke
No I'm in Hull
- OK, can you tell me if a film is showing in Basingstoke - it's a preview.
No, sorry we don't do previews here
- Well can you give me the number so I can call them directly
No, we don't have a number
- But they must have a phone there?
Yes, but we're not allowed to give the number out
- How about you check with Basingstoke for me while I hold on
No we can't do that
- How can I find out if they're showing it then?
Well, you could pop down there and ask
- That will be an hour's round trip for something that might not be there
Well we can't help you here
- But you're customer service - can I speak to a manager please
(sensing danger now) Hold on a minute
. . . some time later . . .
They're not showing it in Basingstoke, the're only previewing it in 3 Vue cinemas.

Why couldn't they have just told be that when I asked the first time?

Promote them all to Sales Prevention Managers.

- - -

Putting my mail order delivery hat on, it does help if you say that you're in a real hurry for an item. However, if there's an express delivery option at higher cost and you pay for it, then it should be refunded if those goods are not available.

Some firms keep surprisingly little actually in stock but drop-ship from their suppliers, hence (in some cases) the multiple deliveries. There's also a bit of a headache around charging your card - the banks don't really like it if you charge too far ahead. Equally, if you do charge the whole amount on order, you may end up fiddling around with refunds for items that aren't available.
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My own place of work come out pretty much on top every day.

One example whilst doing a shaft/fixture alignment check.

Me: Can't use a DTI (instrument for checking) because the mounting is unsteady, will have to make a special mounting to gain accurate readings.

Manager: Are you sure?

Me: I wouldn't have told you otherwise, are you doughting my abilities!

Manager: I'll have a word with the technical director

Me: So what you want me to do whilst I wait for a decision?

Manager: Continue what you're doing

Me: OK but find out soon as I don't want to be waisting my time.

This conversation took place Monday Morning and after several reminders I was told today to scrap all the 350 readings I'd taken over 2 days and start again after I'd made up some new tooling to hold the DTI steady .

I might as well stayed at home or been out fishing or something.

Roll on the weekend.

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wow thats not good

i remember using them for all my tyres years ago back in the late 80's early 90's when they were very small and the older guy and his wife were always there. cant be too careful when it comes to bike tyres
Originally Posted by Nos4r2
Bike Treads in Swindon.

MOT tester decided he didn't like my bike so left the lights on til the battery was flat then failed it because he couldn't check noise levels.(test took an hour-usually under 15 minutes.)

They also have a habit of failing bikes with Micron pipes as the tester won't believe that microns are BS stamped-insists that the BS plates are forgeries, even on new pipes.

Avoid them like the plague, there's a huge catalogue of dangerous fuckups by them...
They left a spacer off a front wheel spindle after fitting a new tyre and lost a large internal shim from my mate's xs1100 rear end. They said they were never there in the 1st place, even though his front disk was touching his n/s fork and the back wheel was moving 3/4" side to side when we left.
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The old guy and his wife are still there-but if anyone else deals with you beware.
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